Monday, March 07, 2005

Take note:
~The last time I went to J.B in a car was almost a decade ago.
~I've always preferred buses. It's more fun. More people to see. More 'adventurous'.
~Even if I was with my relatives, we would have chartered a passanger van. That will put us through the same ordeal as those who took the bus. Get off, queue up at the customs, go up-go down...bla bla...

And yet....

Yesterday I actually DROVE there??! You have got to be kidding, man.
I remember my cousin telling me bout the 'box where you insert your cash card to pay'. He can say all he wanna but I SIMPLY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT.
When having our passports stamped, I have the cheek to ask the customs lady this...
Me: (Tinkering with the LED lights on box) What is this box for?
Lady: For Cash Card payment.

Now, where have I heard bout this Cash Card thingy? Hmm... *ponder*

Doofus! Of course! So this is the 'box' that my cousin was talking about! Sheesh! *hurriedly look for card to pay*
Have you seen the way M'sians drive? It's a funny sight- when you're a passanger.
When you're behind the wheel? It's simply infuriating. All I can do is rant and rant (can't curse cos' parents are in car).
And all those horror stories I heard & read about those road bullies that simply despise S'porean drivers held me back. I would soooo love to give them a taste of their own medicine.
And the parking at Angsana sux to the core, man! The poor layout of all the ramps+ impatient+lazy+kiasu drivers=massive jam-within the multi-storey carpark. Silly, rite?

There was this instance where those who were coming down the ramp have to squeeze thru' this idiot who insist on inching his car up and this blatant imp who refuse to budge. The car in front of me had to reverse back 3x before barely scraping thru'. My mum was already reciting her prayers when it's my turn to do so. My car was less that 2cm from the wall when I squeezed thru. Phew! I betcha' a Merc, BMW or Jag won't be able to make it.
So much for my first time.
I wonder if M'sian even have this thing called, BASIC THEORY? Hmm...Break across chevrons, no signals, overtaking from the wrong side etc....

Highlight of the day:
Cheap food, cheap street-wear selections, cheap groceries, cheaper petrol and an empty highway on the way to the Tuas 2nd link. Woo-weee!!!

Amazing sight:
~Me head-to-head with a double-decker tour bus on the highway. I was going at 110kmph.
~Guys squatting on their bikes while having a race down the highway. Crazy.
My uncles asked if I would wanna do this again. Funny. Just before that, I asked my dad if we can drive to my relative's house in Selangor for this upcoming wedding that they invite us to.

Shiok, man!
PS: It's advisable to park ur car head-in with your tires turned to one side. That way, car thieves can't tow away your car.
Yes, peeps, some ppl dun bother to pick the lock. They just tow your precious car away. Sick, rite??!

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