Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tuckshop Express

I want to start by saying that social network (or the Internet, in general) has been pretty awesome for Muslim foodies in SG.

For the longest time, we've been calling for Subway to go Halal and someone finally took the initiative and create a Halal sandwich joint, Subway-style. It start with Which? Sandwich, followed by Toasties and now, Watsub.

And then there's this:

Menu board

Even though I went to Paya Lebar Square like once a week for lunch, I never did discover this shop. Even when I know it exist. Turns out it's tucked away outside. Ish.

This place sells sandwiches, custom salads, chicken franks, malay kuehs and even teh tarik. Too bad it's more of a takeaway food shop.

Sandwich being prepared

Taken from my instagram. Do you see the veggies already piled high?? I watched his assembly of my sandwich with glee.

The person manning the shop at that time sounds and looks like a Malaysian. Friendly chap.

I chose the Turkey sandwich and he asked for my choice of bread. It was already evening and only 2 varieties are left. The French loaf and the sesame loaf. I chose the latter.

He then asked if I want any add-on. I asked if there's cheese in my sandwich. Upon hearing, "No," I asked to add cheese. He asked which cheese I would prefer. There's cheddar and feta.

Cheddar cost $1 (2 slices, mind you) and feta will be additional $1.50. Excited to hear an exotic option, I chose the latter. The menu board also showed blue cheese at $2.50 but I doubt it's available then.

He proceed to take out a tub of feta cheese and literally slathered on a thick layer. Whoa! 

He then ask, "Veggies?" I replied, "ALL."


I asked if there's anything spicy. So mayo and chilli sauce it is. Nothing fancy.

And then, as if on a second thought, he told me that he'll include the black pepper sauce too, since I want it spicy.

More sauces? Bring it on, I say!

The outcome:

Turkey sandwich

Ratio of meat to veggie is like 1:5 but I like it that way. Refreshing and… erm, less guilt?

3 large slices of Turkey bologna is enough for me, thanyouverymuch. And the black pepper sauce works! I love it. That plus chili sauce plus mayo? Like Ramly burger already. Sans egg. And more veggies.

Bread's soft and despite the 1hr journey to home, still not soggy (despite the amount of saucesss).

Ohhh, and that feta cheese. Lovely, creamy but a wee bit salty. Maybe because he was a tad generous with it.

All in all, I enjoy this enough to warrant another visit.

Tuckshop Express
60 Paya Lebar Road
Paya Lebar Square
#01-48 (Near McD)
Singapore 409051

Kookie Krumbz

So much for wanting Famous Amos to be Halal… now someone's opened up something similar. And that someone is a Muslim! Yay, halal handmade cookie shop, finally!

Located in East Village, where halal food is available in abundance; you need to walk in all the way to where Cold storage is. Then you'll spot it (provided you're lucky enough to sniff your way to the shop).

Flavour wall


6 varieties. Not bad…

Top left (clockwise) is the Chocolate3x, The Berry White, Rouge (aka Red Velvet), Nutter Butter, Chip Rockin' On! & Nuts N Maple.

Quirky, fun-sounding names.


Reasonable pricing.

Chosen flavour 01

I just had to! I love ANYTHING peanut butter! Plus, peanut butter and chocolate? Sweet and salty…?

…Just take my money already!

I seriously can't stop nibbling on this.

Chosen flavour 02

It's a flavour similar to the one I always get from Famous Amos. The 'chao tar' cookies.

Not sure if it's the white chocolate chips but this one comes off as a wee bit sweet for my tastebuds... Otherwise, it's nice!

My colleagues also got The Berry White (rolled oats, cranberries, white chocolate cookie dough), Rouge (Red velvet cookie dough, white chocolate chips) & Nuts N Maple (maple-soaked hazelnuts, maple infused cookie dough) and let me have a piece to try.

Berry White has a clean taste. Maybe because of its healthier ingredients? Suitable for oats cookies fans.

Rouge is delish! Simply said, red velvet fans should have a go at this.

As a fan of maple syrup, I also love the taste of Nuts N Maple. It helps that they use real maple syrup and not maple-flavoured ones (like a certain fast-food company).

Their packaging is according to the flavour we get and includes a ziploc feature, which is a HUGE plus. Such a thoughful idea! No need to fumble around to check what flavour is inside and cookies remain fresher for longer!


It seem that they also sell ice-cream. But when we came by that day, the ice-creams have almost run out.

Ice-cream flvours.

Sounds delish! I think they also serve milkshakes.

Check out their WEBSITE to see more flavours.

430 Upper Changi Road
East Village
S'pore 487048

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Blink Burgers

NOTE: They have since moved to Dataran Larkin at JB. No more at this Bedok North location.

It was a spontaneous meet-up with my old-time pal and her family of four. Her hubby suggested, "…this burger place at Bedok North…"

I knew right away that I'm finally getting my hand on these juicy burgers!

Our order

As they say, "Putting knives thru' burgers on a wooden plate…" Whoa, fierce!

But watch it when you have small kids around. Heh. Useful when you want to split the burgers for sharing, though.

Crispy wings

Glad to see this on the menu. Kids LOVE this! But availability is while stocks last.
I was worried when they asked another, "Are the wings still available…?" when we made our order.

Tasty, crispy batter outside and juicy chicken meat inside. Shiok!

Them burgers (and fries)

Fries are the thick-cut type and lightly seasoned. They have sweet potato fries, too. I heard they're good (should have tried!).

You can also opt for black charcoal bun for your burger, instead of the regular sesame-seed ones.

Angels & Demons

Handmade beef patty, cheddar cheese, sunny-side-up egg, bacon, caramelised onions & chipotle mayo.

Suitable for those with 'manly' tastes. This is sooo much a 'guy' kind of burger!

The Umami 2.0

Handmade beef patty, sauteed mushrooms, cheese, spicy tomato and crispy onion rings.

This burger has many levels of textures and tastes. Totally right up my alley.

Last look

Sampling. We quartered each burger to share (that's why the knife totally come in handy).

You can also check out their menu below:

PS: As a word of caution, I won't recommend that you come on Tuesday as the bustling eating house appeared like a ghost town on that day.


Apparently most of they stall take their break on Tuesdays. The only stalls open are Blink Burgers, Hawa Seafood (the proprietor) and the drinks stall.

Looking forward to try SB Wings and the Green Kebab!

Rojak stall also closed

I heard this stall got pretty good reviews. Too bad we can't try it that day….

Blink Burgers
Block 537, Bedok North Street 3

Opening Hours: From 5pm