Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Kookie Krumbz

So much for wanting Famous Amos to be Halal… now someone's opened up something similar. And that someone is a Muslim! Yay, halal handmade cookie shop, finally!

Located in East Village, where halal food is available in abundance; you need to walk in all the way to where Cold storage is. Then you'll spot it (provided you're lucky enough to sniff your way to the shop).

Flavour wall


6 varieties. Not bad…

Top left (clockwise) is the Chocolate3x, The Berry White, Rouge (aka Red Velvet), Nutter Butter, Chip Rockin' On! & Nuts N Maple.

Quirky, fun-sounding names.


Reasonable pricing.

Chosen flavour 01

I just had to! I love ANYTHING peanut butter! Plus, peanut butter and chocolate? Sweet and salty…?

…Just take my money already!

I seriously can't stop nibbling on this.

Chosen flavour 02

It's a flavour similar to the one I always get from Famous Amos. The 'chao tar' cookies.

Not sure if it's the white chocolate chips but this one comes off as a wee bit sweet for my tastebuds... Otherwise, it's nice!

My colleagues also got The Berry White (rolled oats, cranberries, white chocolate cookie dough), Rouge (Red velvet cookie dough, white chocolate chips) & Nuts N Maple (maple-soaked hazelnuts, maple infused cookie dough) and let me have a piece to try.

Berry White has a clean taste. Maybe because of its healthier ingredients? Suitable for oats cookies fans.

Rouge is delish! Simply said, red velvet fans should have a go at this.

As a fan of maple syrup, I also love the taste of Nuts N Maple. It helps that they use real maple syrup and not maple-flavoured ones (like a certain fast-food company).

Their packaging is according to the flavour we get and includes a ziploc feature, which is a HUGE plus. Such a thoughful idea! No need to fumble around to check what flavour is inside and cookies remain fresher for longer!


It seem that they also sell ice-cream. But when we came by that day, the ice-creams have almost run out.

Ice-cream flvours.

Sounds delish! I think they also serve milkshakes.

Check out their WEBSITE to see more flavours.

430 Upper Changi Road
East Village
S'pore 487048

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