Monday, March 30, 2015

Nur Indah Padang Cuisine

Sunday morning and I joined my in-laws for breakfast at Changi Village. We decide to forgo the usual Indian food-Nasi lemak affair and go for something different. That's when we came upon this shop. Maybe we've always overlooked it or maybe it's newly opened but we eventually got curious.

Early in the morning and already soooo many dishes on display!

I saw the 'Mee Rebus Tulang' on the signage outside, so I thought of getting it. Turns out others want to try the 'Nasi Ambeng' (white rice accompanied by various dishes and served on a round tray, meant to be shared). This Nasi Ambeng is the food trend amongst the Malay community, nowadays.

My mum-in-law point out that they are the same people behind the restaurant at level 3 of Joo Chiat Complex, that serve a buffet of  interesting Kampung-style dishes.

I take a look at the array of dishes inside and point out what I might want. Later, do I know that the 'Nasi Ambeng' set already has a fixed array of dishes included in the mix. Aww, shucks…!


Inside, they have this tiny kiosk with a decent variety of salad greens. At $1.50 per plate, it's pretty value-for-money, especially when we make the selection ourself.

Also available are various chilli sauces in jars. Stuff like red & green sambal belado, sambal belacan etc.

Nasi Ambeng for 4 pax

The portion is seriously scary…

Nasi Ambeng for 2 pax

I shared this with my mum-in-law & helper. The amount of dishes drive me crazy! I can't decide which ones I wanna eat at any one bite. Too overwhelming!

And that fried yellow mee, really…?! Reminds me of the Nasi Rames served in an Indonesian eatery here.

Clockwise from top: Mee goreng (Fried yellow noodles), ayam lemak cili api, bagedil, ikan kering (fried dried, salted fish), beef rendang, urap (keluban), terung sambal lado (steamed brinjal w/ belado chilli), stewed beef lungs (paru), sambal ikan bilis & petai), sambal belacan, sambal goreng and serunding in the centre.

The small bowl is the gravy for the Ayam lemak cili api.

All the dishes are ok but the stewed beef lungs, it taste weird. Maybe because I have never eaten it before so I find it strange. The meat was really soft and taste a bit sweet. I can also taste a hint of spices but that's it. Hmm… whatever happened to the gool ol' 'paru goreng kunyit' (lungs fried w/ tumeric)?

All in all, I feel that Nasi Ambeng is way overrated. Why? Because this tray that's meant to serve 2 cost almost $25 or so…? We can always buy dishes of OUR choice, put on a tray/large platter with 2-3 portions of rice and I betcha' it will cost much less. Seriously.

Ok, maybe I'm just miffed that I didn't get my 'siput sedut' (stewed sea snails) because everyone's just too full for anything else…

Nur Indah Padang Cuisine
Blk 5, Changi Village Road #01-2013
Changi, Singapore