Friday, December 29, 2006

internet careful on the road

finally... the return of stable internet connection

There so much that I wanna blog about but there's so much that I'm holding back. There're feelings to take care of.. yadaa yadaa...

And I'm still affected by what I saw yesterday.

My family was headed out for dinner yesterday, with my bro helming the wheel during that rainy evening. When approaching a junction in our neighbourhood, I saw the unmistakable blinking blue lights of a police car in the distance and remarked to my bro, "Hey, there's an accident in front."

"No way. Maybe it's something else."

Adamant, I replied, "It has to be. Given the weather condition and the fact that police car is stationary."

Traffic was slow when passing through that junction. The police car was parked diagonally off-centre in one lane and I saw a white van on on the side.

Then there's this wrecked motorcycle propped by the kerb.

I had a sinking feeling. That doesn't look good.

I craned my neck and saw many busybodies hanging out by the pavement, standing witness to something. Something on the road, in fact.

Was it...??

My dad spoke up, "I wonder who's at fault? There's a dead body on the road. Somebody covered it up with newspapers."

Oh dear. I had hoped that my sight had betrayed me at the time when I saw what he saw.

The exhilaration of eating out with my family was slowly taken over by the gloom that start to permeate through and hover within the interior of the car. I suddenly felt sad. I don't know why.

Having that happen in my neighbourhood, I hoped that whoever's involved isn't anyone I know. Then I think about the MacDonald's delivery guys who are stationed at the outlet near my block.

It's no secret, how these guys get about doing their deliveries.


As a believer of fate, I know that time has ran out for that person. But fate doesn't decide the way one dies. One doesn't have to go in that manner, in full view of everyone, with the cold rain pattering on the lifeless body and being all alone....

Given the escalated danger during this rainy season, I hope for EVERYONE, regardless of what vehicle you helm or whether you go around on foot: PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

When you take care of yourself, you take care of others around you too.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

year in pictures 2006

year in pictures : 2006

I know there are many pictures out there, especially from this MSNBC site but I still feel that I relate much better to those sombre, even dreary ones.

Check out the site and vote for your favourite picture.

**warning: some pics can be pretty graphic**

Death In Congo.

Floods Devastate

Security Operation In Iraq

Rocket Hits Lebanese

Even sportsmen aren't spared.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Tiger's Emotional Moment.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Agassi's Tearful Farewell.

Not all the pics are that dreary, though.

Keystone State Heatwave

On The Fence

Haha... enjoy the rest of 2006, y'all!

Try not to blink much. Last time I did, 6 months passed without me realising.
2006 practically whizzed past us, doesn't it?

Now, what do I get for my mum's birthday tomorrow????



Today is such a horrible day to start the 1st working day of the week
- esp. after the long weekend
- this never-ending rain ain't helping much eh?
- that coupled with the fact that my bosses aren't in = not much work done in the office
A frustrated American school teacher resigned with remarks:

"Nowadays, in public schools the teacher is afraid of the principal,
principals are afraid of the superintendent, the superintendent is afraid
of the school board, the board is afraid of the parents, parents are afraid
of their children, children are afraid of nobody."

Thursday, December 21, 2006

prodigy - the autobiography

prodigy - the autobiography

My recent bookworm-convert of a brother came back from the library with this gem of a book.

Not exactly a fan of theirs but they are the kind of people with those really weird personalities and the contents of this book got me really intrigued.

For example, just take a look at this video of one of their hits: Breathe.

Aren't you just curious to know what's behind that dark, quirky image & music? And what goes behind the making of THAT video, even.

Besides, their music's not too bad. The darker, heavier tones-I much appreciate. Like some good rockin' music; just more dance-able to.


Breathe the pressure

Come play my game Ill test ya
Psychosomatic addict insane
Breathe the pressure
Come play my game Ill test ya
Psycho-somatic addict insane

Come play my game
Inhale, inhale, youre the victim
Come play my game
Exhale, exhale, exhale

Come breathe with me
Breathe with me

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The King & The Clown

The King & The Clown

Woo-seong Kam - Jang-sang
Jin-yeong Jeong - King Yeonsan
Seong-Yeon Kang - Nok-su Jang
Jun-gi Lee (Lee Joon-Ki) - Gong-gil

The King and the Clown is a 2005 South Korean film, adapted from the 2000 Korean play titled "Yi", ("You") about Yeonsangun of Joseon, a Joseon dynasty king who falls in love with a court clown who mocks him. The movie is based on a small passage from the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty that briefly mentions the king's favorite clown.

It was the highest grossing Korean film in history with 12.3 million viewers.

I almost bought the DVD last month but I was flat broke, then. Over the weekend, I saw the supposedly androgynous lead actor Lee Joon-Ki (rightmost in the picture) bringing home 2 awards (Most popular actor & Best couple; with his male co-star, no less) during the prestigious 27th Blue Dragon Film Awards on the KBS channel.

And no, he's not THAT androgynous in person. In fact, he's HOT!

Do you know that this film is South Korea's submission for a nomination in Academy Awards Foreign Film category?

Immerse yourself in the rich Korean traditional culture. A story that takes place in the midst of a power stuggle within the palace and also where the King lacks the respect of his subjects, it's easy to see why the conflicts took place.

The director recommend that the viewers compare the context of the movie with Shakespeare's tragedies, and also find differences between clowns/jesters in Korea and those in the West and that's what I did. The Shakespeare-ness of the dialogue may seem confusing at first but it actually adds more depth and brought forth the meaning in the much-layered speech.

This is a story about friendship and the sacrifices that come with it. About manipulation. About rebellion. And most importantly, it's about the pursuit of freedom. A king, stuck in the shadow of his father's reign was made to discover the truths that will eventually bring to his downfall.

A king, who discards his authoritarian figure as a ruler and seek to confide in a male court jester (with whom he eventually fall for). Yes, it does carry a gay theme even though it isn't that prominent. And yes, there's a BRIEF kissing scene between the king and Gong-gil. But it's a mere reflection of the emotional turmoil that he's going through.

If you expect a Korean Brokeback Mountain, you'll be sooo disappointed.

Watch it for Jang-sang's pained expression when his protective self felt the anguish with everytime men (including the king) lust after his best pal. How despite having every chance to escape, he kept coming back for Gong-gil.

And watch Joon-Ki (from the drama series 'My Girl' fame) at his acting best; as an androgynous 'beautiful man' with a tortured soul.

Then there's the King's shrewed consort, Nok-Su, who seeks Gong-gil's blood as the king seeks Gong-gil's presence in his chambers.

Dun gripe about the ending. In fact, take the chance to think. As you ponder over the last words spoken by the characters. The scenario. What actually happened, that lead to that. Let the movie stir your emotions from deep within. Invoke your thoughts...

Words from the director:
"I think the tragedy of capitalist society is that so many people endlessly struggle to become part of the mainstream. I want to keep showing that those outside the mainstream of society can also be happy."
Lee Jun-Ik

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Indon drama copycats

Indon drama copycats
(long entry)

Just how many of you Singaporeans out there manage to get Indonesian tv channels at home?? How many channels???

I manage to get Indosiar, STV, TPI, RCTI, SCTV & Trans (I live on a high level, you see).

It's such a delight, I know. And Indonesians just LOOOVVVEEE watching their tv (or nongkrong as they call it), don't they?

If you notice, there's a pattern as to the timing and the kind of shows shown. Gossip shows and mega soap-dramas in the day when only the housewives are home, cartoons in the afternoon when the kids are back from schools. And news when the husbands reach home. Family tv will mean their endless list of drama series (or sinetron as they call it).

And these tv stations are forever competing with one another. I tell you, ALL of them have the same contents. Their programmes are all similar, be it their news, gossip shows, religious-themed, teenager-themed, horror-themed or love-saga sinetrons. Someone just need to set the trend and the others will follow cos' it's just sooo well-received by the viewers.

And yes. The said 'TRENDS'. They're freaking irritating.

I remember, sometime ago there's this fantabulous show, Gentayangan (Haunting) on TPI, where they investigate sites all over Indonesia that are known to be haunted. Then they have this 'dare' where a lone contestant will sit overnight at the said haunted site, either in total darkness or dim lighting. There'll be an infra-red camera focusing on them and the surroundings. Those who make it through without giving up gets a cash reward.

I LOVE that show. On many occasions, I was sure that I saw ghostly beings on screen. And it was all spontaneous (usually shown live), adding to the authenticity of such sightings. That show was immensely popular.

Then come the copycats. Another tv station, Trans came up with a similar show. So does Metro TV. And they show at THE SAME TIME! Every Thursday night becomes a battle between my fingers and the remote control with my eyes mere inches from the screen as I frantically try to catch sight of any ghostly beings (hardly in clear form) on these different channels.

These horror-reality shown also spawn horror-themed dramas highlighting the 'Gunderowo' (a type of djinn), Kuntilanak (female vampires), pochong, toyol and black magic. ALL channels have AT LEAST one of these shows.

Maybe it's because of guilt or that religious leaders all over had warned viewers about getting too obsessed with these ghosts and other what-nots, so they launch the religious-themed series about ultra religious people who made it through the worst obstacles in their lives. It was supposedly inspiring, I know.

Until other channels have these shows too. Shows like Hidayah, Takdir Illahi, Rahsia Illahi etc. (which are based on true experiences/instances). There's also the drama versions like Hikmah, Ikhlas, Taqwa (usually during Ramadhan; about the cliche good-triumph-over-evil). Then there's the celebrity kiyayis (religious preachers); with one popular kiyayi for one leading station.

Sigh... And I thought that was it.

Now it's a tirade of teenage-romance. DON'T even ask me to list the names. They're best left forgotten.

Then I discovered this show Kau Masih Kekasihku on SCTV. Upon reading the sysnopsis online, I discovered that the storyline is adapted wholly from this popular Taiwanese drama At The Dolphin Bay.

At The Dolphin Bay

I was thinking, "Wah, now they dare to do that, ah?"

Right then, I was hooked on this other show, Benci Bilang Cinta (Hate Said Love). Rich teenage guy made to marry poor schoolmate whom he finds to be irritating. He has a girlfriend previously and his cousin fell for his young wife.

Right then, S'pore's Ch U screen, Goong, the popular Korean drama. It then struck me that both have similar storylines!!!!


Then there's Benci Jadi Cinta (Hate Becomes Love) on RCTI. One scene where this badminton player ex-girlfriend of the leading character had her hands wrapped around this diamond key-shaped locket that she wore. I recognised that locket to be that worn by this TENNIS player character in another korean drama, My Girl.

My Girl

I also realise that they localise the storylines too. For eg. in My Girl, there had been an issue surrounding tangerines. In the indon version, it had been starfruits. Geez!

Then there's this other new Indon show on SCTV, Pengantin Remaja (Teenage Bride) which I was quick to suspect that it remind me of yet another Korean show, 18 Year Old Bride.

18 Year old Bride

Lately, I noticed yet another show aptly called Sepatu Kaca (Glass Shoes). Goodness, doesn't that just remind you of this Korean show called Glass Slippers?? They're making less effort to change the name now, huh?

The sister characters from Glass Slippers

And then there's this up and coming series on RCTI called, Darling. Excerpts from their first few episode are reminiscent of those in the popular korean drama series, My Lovely Sam-Soon.

What's happening to the Indonesian sinetron industry? Are the writers running out of (original) ideas? gah!

oh, I just discovered one which is just sooo far-fertched and absurd that i just have to inform those who might view it.

One thing though, it's not a Koren drama adaptation. or even an Asian drama adaptation for that matter. It's from an American series.

It's shown on SCTV and it's called Gue Sihir Lu! (I Put A Spell on You!).

A girl, who at her 16th birthday, was informed by her mum and aunt that she had magic powers.

Familiar??? So is it any surprise if I tell you that it's adapted from Sabrina the Teenage Witch??

Gotta check if she has that black cat called 'Salim'.

Gosh this is a darn long entry. Well, just me at my infotainment (what Indon tv called celebrity/entertainment information) best.

Friday, December 15, 2006

abc rest'n

AB & ABC Restaurant
Duku Road

I thought it's just another mamak (indian-muslim) eatery. So much so, I only went there ONCE during the 1++ year when my office was a mere few doors away.

Even then, it's my boss who sent us there to get a drink when we got locked out that one time.

I didn't know the gem that I was missing out on.

It was only after my office has been shifted elsewhere that I eventually come here to sample their food. With my family in tow.

I have read an article in the New Paper, where this chef from a pretty well-known restaurant claimed to frequent this place for his fix of Sup Kambing (Mutton Soup). Imagine a chef recommending his favourite food?

Of course I got curious. When I mentioned it to my parents, they told me that place appeared on tv, too (I dunno for what programme, though). So we made our way there.

And rest as they say, is history. We've been pretty regular since.

The drawing factor(s)?

(L) The Sup Kambing (Mutton Soup)
(R) The crispy Murtabak

Previously, the murtabak came only in one at one size-one price. However, I was surprised when they asked me if I want the $3/5/7 option when I ordered one recently. So that's an improvement.

And their Kway Teow Goreng (fried chinese rice-noodles) is superb!

But the mutton soup.. *fuh!*

Tastes just like the one from the mamak bisu (mute indian man) stall at Geylang Food Market. I can't recall where that stall is located now that they've rearranged the layout of the stalls in the new location. But keep a lookout for frail, old men who look like they should be at home eating porridges - slurping on this goodness (and patiently chewing on the meat with those teeth of theirs).

I dunno about the cholesterol factor but going by the fact that the meat doesn't have the bad odour/taste, I believe that the meat come from goats and not sheep (usually more fatty).

And my mum always ordered the urat (tendon) version and boy, was that a gastronomical adventure! The translucent, yet springy pieces are simply awesome! The tulang (bone from the legs) are worth ordering too. Dun forget to suck out the marrow. Plain meat is just so boring.

My mum insist on going to the Esplanade. The carpark fee is at $4 per entry *gah!*.

It was low tide and the place is teeming with teens. And I'm talking about Monday evening here.
Bless the free performance (just who doesn't like freebies??) by this lady and her harp.

Since young, I've always regarded harps to be magical.
Maybe it's the sound it exudes.
Maybe it cos' I always see a harp behind St. Peters at the 'Heavenly Gate'.
Maybe because it's usually golden.

Okay... you get the drift.

Talk about harps.... I recall this particular scene in an episode of Gilmore Girls (been ages since I last watched that series).

Lorelai was having a conversation with Luke on the phone. She was making wedding arrangements at the hotel where she worked.
Luke: Where are you now? Heaven...?
Lorelai: Nope, it's just a lady playing the harp. She's auditioning to perform during this couple's wedding.
(It's amazing. He's being sarcastic and yet she always catch his drift. Love the chemistry between their characters..)

I got my bro to be my 'volunteer model', much to the amusement of the others around us. Gotta' love him for being such a sport.

Oh well, he's my only sibling after all. Bah!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

charms for crocs

charms for crocs
by Jibbitz

I know, I know. Some of you deem them to be the 'Ugliest Shoes Ever'! Honestly, I myself don't own one.

Someone, apparently have designed cute, cute charms to sprite up those crocs of yours. Personally, it'll be appealing for the kids (provided they don't figure out how to pull them out and pop them into the mouth).

*click on the pic to get to web page*

Alphabet charms

Thematic charms (suitable for the guys)
sports, crossbones etc....

Cutesy charms
Animals.. Even got scuba themes!

More cutesy charms
Nurse's hat, lifeguard, pink ribbon, tooth etc

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Abang Adiq & Kak Yana

On the arrival of your first-born. A baby boy, I heard???

You will see me very soon, knowing how earger my parents can be when it comes to newborns.....

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

a day for the kids

a day for the kids

Guess we kinda owe them one. Months ago we thought we could have something great in the works.

Especially the getaway to Kota-Rainforest. The plan is sweet, I know. But we know that logistically, it's going to be a nightmare.

So far, we've done the hike at MacRitchie Park to get to the Tree-Tops Walk. Then there's the camping at East Coast Park. Chalet's also been done. Picnic? We've done lots.

It'll be nice if we can bundle them up to Genting Highlands. It'll be so much fun.

This school holidays, I've been up to my neck with my own set of activities and I dunno why I felt like I've neglected them somewhat. I believe that kids should be given the chances to enjoy themselves while their holidays last.

So when my cousin pester me to head for Escape Theme Park; now that the entry charge is a mere $6, I looked for an available date, relented and agreed.

Why is it ah, that I have to be around for a plan to work..? Cannot go ahead without me is it..? If all my weekends are occupied, will that mean that the kids won't go to these places at all..??

Escape Theme Park
Worth going now. For a mere $6, they give you coupons for a free carnival game, free popcorn, free ice-cream & $6 off your next visit!

The Kids
A grand total of 12 kids in all.
Okay... That includes a handful of teens.

Pasir Ris Park
My cousin's brought her dad's Keppel Family Day coupon and we got this $20 food voucher which we used to buy rojak-mamak for a quick picnic here.

White Sands
Photo sessions with the Looney Toon characters before heading home.

Seeing how eager they were to just jump into the sea while at Pasir Ris Park, I guess a picnic should be in the works. Maybe during the long CNY holidays???

Hey, how a bout a hike up Bukit Timah Nature Reserve?? To be considered.
*checks diary*

Nothing beats seeing the smiles on the kids' faces...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

food entry

warning: food entry ahead

cheesecake cafe

I tried the Vanilla-Chocolate Cheesecake.

okayyy... So the name SEEMED something like that. Doesn't leave much of an impression on me. Maybe cos' I'm not really a fan of vanilla.
But the chocolate chips make it somewhat interesting.

Moving on....

Chocolate Truffle Cake (non-cheesecake). Hmmmm....

I've come to a conclusion.

ALL chocolate truffle cakes are nice. Well, from what I gather, all carry the same smooth texture, which cause the cake to melt in the mouth; bursting with a deep, rich chocolate taste while at it.

fish & chips

Amirah's Grill - A generous 3 pieces of (crispy) breaded fish fillets. Psst. I heard the portion was much bigger last time.

The (shoestring) fries were sprinkled with some paprika, giving it that somewhat 'cajun-spice' look. But tastes like any other fries anyway.

The coleslaw comes separately, albeit generously in a small bowl. This way, the cream won't ooze into the fish, making them soggy before you can get to them.

Spize Simpang Bedok - 2 breaded fish fillets. The place can get really crowded sometimes. Despite the abundance of staff, maybe the pressure of endless orders get to the cooks.

The breaded fish is not a cripy as you had expected them to be. Could do with another minute or so in the fryer.

The side salad is a combination of fresh veggies and a bit of coleslaw. Those who like their coleslaw creamy will be disappointed. A tad sour too, if you ask me.

Some Banquet branches used to serve really great fish & chips, like Reef @ Raffles or Pat's @ Parkway Parade. But I guess the portion and quality dwindle down with time.

Which variety of fish & chips do you prefer? The breaded kind or those dipped in batter (ala LJS)? Any recommendations??

A little something to make you drool. Mushroom Steak from Spize. Quite tender, despite being well-done.

And they use fresh mushrooms. Not those cheapo canned variety. And REAL, bite-sized veggies, not those ridiculous, frozen mixed-vegetables.

And 2 scoops of mashed potato is pretty generous, eh?

Chicken Rice Shop, Vivo City

This restaurant chain from KL finally opened a branch here.

Having tasted the one in Aeon Tebrau City, JB, I can safely say that the taste doesn't vary much. In fact, they serve the same type of sets that are available in M'sia.

A set for 4 costs RM48.90 there. Here it cost $34.90. Of course it's more expensive here.

That set comes with:
Pie-tee (large)
1/2 chicken (roasted/steamed/baked)
Honey BBQ chicken (like char-siew)
Steamed Tofu (topped with this yummy crunchy bits)
Stir Fried Bean Sprouts
Thai Style Mango Salad (fwah!)
A jug of soft drink (ice lemon tea will be an additional $4)

Go for the roasted chicken. Crispy & full of flavour.

It's located at B2, nearby Kopitiam & Banquet.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

jb adventure

jb adventure

It feels really, really weird to drive up to J.B without anyone who actually knows their way around there. What a gamble.

What? Don't look at me! I'm hopeless with directions!

If not for the fact that ONLY my family was invited to this wedding reception, we would have gladly followed my uncle (who regularly drive up) or brought my aunt (who has great memory and recalls directions well).

The even weirder thing is that I wasn't even scared. Amused, yes. Not scared.

The only lifeline we got? This simple instruction given by my father's friend: "Just go straight. JUST STRAIGHT. And you'll see Taman Tun Aminah."

Almost 1/2hour of going straight, my mum was freaking out, seeing that we're BEYOND the areas that we usually frequent. My dad continue to hold on to his friend's words. Oh and I had 2 other makciks (aunties, some old-time family friends) on board. They seem nervous.

All the while, I was thinking, it's funny that we have to drive so far when I had expected the location to be close to the customs, seeing there's a Sultanah Aminah Hospital nearby that area.

How was I to know that SULTANAH Aminah and TUN Aminah are 2 different persons, hence locations named after them are far-flung from each other?

Anyway, when we DID come upon Taman Tun Aminah, all heave a sigh of relief and those with the wedding invites fished them out (the map given is only for within that very area).

How are we to know that the map given was VERY BASIC?

They only show landmarks and roads/lanes that are deemed necessary to get us there. And that the road signs there are positioned at a low waist-level? And most of them had flyers stuck on them? Oh, and the main road had a totally different name from the one on the map!

And that 'Jalan Tenang 1/2' is different from 'Jalan Tenang 2/1'??? The best part? The numbers (which makes all the difference) are mostly covered by flyers. Grrr...

And I just discovered that my dad had trouble reading maps.

Have u any idea how many wrong turns I made? Or u-turns, even? Bless the locals there for being helpful in giving directions. And BLESS MY DAD, for willingly getting out to ask for directions as it is SO NOT HIS NATURE to ask around.

When we got to the right housing area, we almost went to the WRONG wedding reception. Turns out, 2 wedding receptions were held simultaneously on 2 different lanes.... *sigh..*

Going back, I had expected my dad to refer to the map again. He chose to confidently instruct me the directions BASED ON MEMORY.

It only took ONE wrong turn at a certain junction to have us driving to the OTHER side of J.B.

And the best part? My dad didn't even know we're in the wrong way.

I had told him, "Dad, we didn't drive here just now. This place is different."

"No, just go straight. Straight."

Almost 1/2 hr later. "Dad, we SERIOUSLY did not drive in this direction just now."

"Just go straight"

Up to a point where the road got really small and no other vehicles are passing by us, I made up my mind to make a u-turn there and then and turn into an area I'm familiar with. TAMAN PERLING.

Those familiar with the roads in J.B knows that Perling is damn close to the Gelang Patah-Tuas checkpoint. The thing is, we meant to head for the J.B-Woodlands checkpoint (we're sooo wayyy off)!

Our plans to head for Kip Mart or Angsana even were already dashed. We shopped at the pathetic Taman Perling Mall instead. Luckily there's a Giant supermarket there.

And yes, we went thru the Tuas checkpoint instead.

Can you imagine if I hadn't made that turn into Perling?? We could have ended up in Malacca!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Boys’ Brigade Sharity Gift Box

Boys' Brigade Sharity Gift Box

I'm not sure if you noticed, whenever you shop for groceries at certain NTUC Fairprice (supermarket) branches, there are a couple of Boys Brigade cadets stationed at a corner, right beside a huge box.

Of course, those boys are there for a reason.

From 24th Nov - 20th Dec, you can go down to THESE locations to drop off NEW consumable food items such as rice, oil, sugar, biscuits, cereals, powdered milk, canned food and instant noodles, as well as household items like toiletries (soap, toothbrush) and diapers (children and adult).

That's also why they chose to station themselves in front on a supermarket chain.

So the next time you select that packet of rice, sugar or that bottle of oil, do take another and place them at the other side of your shopping trolley/basket. Have them packaged separately from those meant for your household.

As you walk out, head over to the Boy Brigade cadets and hand over those extra bags of groceries. They'll gladly thank you for those.

Believe me, it makes their hours of wait so much more worth it.

Not to mention those needy people who are waiting to receive their share of those groceries you've bought.

Friday, December 01, 2006


my bro is an idiot. period.



enjoy the weekend guys!!!!!!!!!!!

just something to get you through Friday....

Thursday, November 30, 2006

the pattissier

the pattisier

Whenever my boss head down to the URA (some government bldg) at Maxwell Road, he would often come back with a box of goodies from The Pattisier.

Goodies - in this case, will be at least 4 varieties of cake slices.

Okay, those 4 SLICES of cakes are actually for his wife, my collegue and myself. Yes, the THREE of us shared that.

Pathetic, you say?

Have you any idea how rich those cakes are? How orgasmic every bite is? How much calories those little devils pack?

And well... not to mention EXPENSIVE (some cakes cost $40 for HALF kg). You can't imagine how much each SLICE cost.

Those cakes are uber, uber delicious, la. Both my collegue and myself felt darn sleepy after consuming them. So rich, they are.

I was told that the shop looks pretty inhibited. Who would have guessed that a place with a shopfront like this -

the branch at 18, Ann Siang Road

... serves THIS -->

Passion Fruit Meringue (the bestseller, I think)

Double Chocolate Pralines (richer, darker taste of Ferrero Rocher in cake form)

Cocoa Cheesecake

And.. ermm...
Don't say I didn't warn you about the price...!

They have another branch at Mohd Sultan Road.

random things..


location: a pedestrian crossing near home
scene: with your dad, heading somewhere for dinner.

You're having a converstion with your dad. You look across and check out the people standing at the other side.

You spot a guy befitting your 'personal taste' (in this case, casually decked in khaki bermudas & black polo tee - nicely kept hair a definite plus).

Keep your eye on him. Hey, you're ACROSS the road. And should he notice, just pretend to look BEYOND him. Just keep the conversation with your dad going.

Light turns green. Walk steadily across.

Time your steps such that you'll pass him midway at the crossing. Okayyy.... He's passing by you. Oh, he's close!

Now look at him. *Erk!* Shoot! You just met his gaze! Shoot! Shoot!

Okay, you will BRUSH past him.. - Wait! Wait...! What were you thinking??!

Did you just SIDESTEP away from him?!

You are > THIS < close to brushing past this cute guy from across the street and u sidestepped him??! That's right. Grimace. You should.

Look back. OOoops. Did he just looked back too? Sheesh!

No, this ain't a scene from some cheesy novel.

Just what happened last night. Can somebody slap me?! Geez!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

chocolates for dad

chocolates for dad

He had asked for a cup of hot chinese tea with "a bit" of sugar.

We've never put sugar in our tea. So I stirred in "a bit" only.

Later, he complained about the persistent "giddy spells" and asked for a chocolate. I was wondering if it's a case of "low blood/sugar" (all those words are really scaring me, okay?).

Being the muddle-head that I am, I quickly assumed that a more 'expensive' chocolate might work better and gave him a Ferrero Rocher (no, there's no Godiva at home).

10mins later, he told me the giddiness has dissipated. *phew!*

1/2 hour later, he woke up due to a coughing fit. I FORGOT! That chocolate has nuts!

I got him the cough syrup. "What is it that I ate wrong?" he remarked.

Ermmmm...... *guilty look*

THAT'S IT. Only plain, milk chocolate for my dad.

Gotta stock that up first. I dislike those variety of chocolates and those really plain ones are of the dark variety. Totally defeat the purpose, eh?

That and some sweets for him to bring along everywhere.

He sure is ageing... I'm scared.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Puteri Gunung Ledang

Puteri Gunung Ledang Musical
Esplanade Theatre - 25112006

That Saturday evening saw us stuck in the frenetic jam at the Rochor exit of ECP, with the hampering drizzle for company.

I was only trying to avoid the much streotyped Malay trait of tardiness. What more when going to a musical. Hell freezes over should I be one of those who crept in after the show starts.

Anyway, boy am I glad I wore a sweater there. Konon nak feeling2x macam negeri sejuk. Memang sejuk pon.

Eh first time masok the theatre, you! Slalu lepak kat luar aje. Jakun lah sikit. At last I'm at THE OTHER part of Esplanade!

The theater was.. erm... smaller than expected. I guess the pics I saw online were taken at an angle that somewhat lengthen the interior. But all's well. Smaller space means better acoustic and our 7th-row-from-the-front seats are nearer that expected, too. Near enough to see the faces of the cast and far enough to avoid the (very loud) orchestra in front.

I seriously didn't expect the late-comers to be let in despite it being 15mins into the show. And they sat IN FRONT, in the MIDDLE. Of all places!

But I guess THAT'S WHY they were let in. Must be some blardee v.i.p. Pfft.

The interior of the Esplanade Theatre.

My dad reading the booklet.

Sue, Natra & my dad.

Me & Sue.

I'll be lying if I say that I'm very much a happy-camper after watching the show. From what I see, AC Mizal doesn't really live up to his role. Gawd, I can speak better Javanese than he does. And what's with that posture? So wayang kulit! But he's good also, la. His angry scenes had me really scared, liao (the sound effects, helped, somewhat)!

I spotted those moments when Tiara and Stephen faltered on their lines but their overall spectacular performance made up for those glitches.

If previously I wasn't really a fan of Adlin (Sultan Mahmud), now I am. The lyrics he wrote showed a different side of him. And unlike his speech vocals (esp. in the movie version), his singing vocals are not bad, actually.

And that part when he did "the cabaret" is simply AWESOME! Sue was cackling like some hysterical maniac and I had to slap her thighs many times to warn her of that scary laugh of hers.

Tiara's singing sounds much much better in the high range and Stephen Rahman Hughes singing induced some goosebumps-popping moments. Superb! Like a hindi movie liddat.

Datin Tiara does deserve that standing ovation. All of them, actually.

Kudos, y'all!

The round-up of the cast at the end of the show. *applause*

PS: I can't help realising that I end up reading the subtitles all the way, during the musical. It's interesting to see how the literature-malay language is being translated to English.

Brings me back to those moments when watching Malay dramas on tv and reading the subtitles instead, despite understanding the spoken language. Weird!

Friday, November 24, 2006

cheesecake cafe

cheesecake cafe

I still have Kai's cd (he loves it and I'd been keeping it for the whole month!).

And the day before, Fadhil, an old old schoolmate called, asking that I inform him when I'm meeting the guys. Cos' he need to pass us his wedding invites.

Now Kai works office hours *wowee!*. And it was Khama's off day.

And Kai mentioned Cheesecake Cafe (he's always mentioned it). But the thing is, he called it Chezcake HOUSE. So was it any surprise that I can't find it thru' Google?

I recalled driving by the area 2 days back and saw a 'Cheesecake' place. Now there can't be THAT many places in Siglap being named 'Cheesecake' right??

Khama & Kai
(oh! oh! see that cake there? that's the chocolate-banana cake. very VERY sinful.*yum!*)

Strawberry-Oreo Cheesecake, Chocolate Cheesecake & Chocolate-Banana Cake.
(sorry to say that in our excitement to sample the cakes, the pic was only taken after we've taken a bite from every one of them. pardon me if they no longer look appealing..)

I've heard about their famed Chocolate Cheesecake and Chocolate Banana Cake. Seeing that Kai had ordered the cheesecake, I ordered the latter. The server actually told me, "Just to inform you, that's not a cheesecake."

I guess that'll only happen when the place is called CHEESECAKE Cafe. Any non-cheesecake orders had to be forewarened.

The cakes, as I found out, ARE as just as how they are raved to be. Smooth and creamy texture/taste. Some even called them "the best cheesecakes in Singapore." I dunno bout' that. It's not like I've tried cheesecakes from all over the island to be able to compare.

The ambience is superb, be it indoor or al-fresco. Price?? Erm... Well, unless you come here too often, you won't really burn a hole in your pocket.

I have to warn you that this place gets pretty packed on weekends and at night. Finding parking space then can be a tedious affair. They DO have a (small) makeshift parking space for their customers but the space is tight. VERY TIGHT.

The Cheesecake Cafe
685 East Coast Road (Siglap area)
Singapore 459054
Tel: 64487725
Fax: 64487226
Mon - Tues : Closed
Wed - Thur : 4.30pm - 12am Fri : 4.30pm - 12.30am
Sat : 3.30pm - 12.30am Sun : 3.30pm - 12am