Thursday, November 30, 2006

random things..


location: a pedestrian crossing near home
scene: with your dad, heading somewhere for dinner.

You're having a converstion with your dad. You look across and check out the people standing at the other side.

You spot a guy befitting your 'personal taste' (in this case, casually decked in khaki bermudas & black polo tee - nicely kept hair a definite plus).

Keep your eye on him. Hey, you're ACROSS the road. And should he notice, just pretend to look BEYOND him. Just keep the conversation with your dad going.

Light turns green. Walk steadily across.

Time your steps such that you'll pass him midway at the crossing. Okayyy.... He's passing by you. Oh, he's close!

Now look at him. *Erk!* Shoot! You just met his gaze! Shoot! Shoot!

Okay, you will BRUSH past him.. - Wait! Wait...! What were you thinking??!

Did you just SIDESTEP away from him?!

You are > THIS < close to brushing past this cute guy from across the street and u sidestepped him??! That's right. Grimace. You should.

Look back. OOoops. Did he just looked back too? Sheesh!

No, this ain't a scene from some cheesy novel.

Just what happened last night. Can somebody slap me?! Geez!

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