Tuesday, November 28, 2006

chocolates for dad

chocolates for dad

He had asked for a cup of hot chinese tea with "a bit" of sugar.

We've never put sugar in our tea. So I stirred in "a bit" only.

Later, he complained about the persistent "giddy spells" and asked for a chocolate. I was wondering if it's a case of "low blood/sugar" (all those words are really scaring me, okay?).

Being the muddle-head that I am, I quickly assumed that a more 'expensive' chocolate might work better and gave him a Ferrero Rocher (no, there's no Godiva at home).

10mins later, he told me the giddiness has dissipated. *phew!*

1/2 hour later, he woke up due to a coughing fit. I FORGOT! That chocolate has nuts!

I got him the cough syrup. "What is it that I ate wrong?" he remarked.

Ermmmm...... *guilty look*

THAT'S IT. Only plain, milk chocolate for my dad.

Gotta stock that up first. I dislike those variety of chocolates and those really plain ones are of the dark variety. Totally defeat the purpose, eh?

That and some sweets for him to bring along everywhere.

He sure is ageing... I'm scared.

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