Thursday, November 30, 2006

the pattissier

the pattisier

Whenever my boss head down to the URA (some government bldg) at Maxwell Road, he would often come back with a box of goodies from The Pattisier.

Goodies - in this case, will be at least 4 varieties of cake slices.

Okay, those 4 SLICES of cakes are actually for his wife, my collegue and myself. Yes, the THREE of us shared that.

Pathetic, you say?

Have you any idea how rich those cakes are? How orgasmic every bite is? How much calories those little devils pack?

And well... not to mention EXPENSIVE (some cakes cost $40 for HALF kg). You can't imagine how much each SLICE cost.

Those cakes are uber, uber delicious, la. Both my collegue and myself felt darn sleepy after consuming them. So rich, they are.

I was told that the shop looks pretty inhibited. Who would have guessed that a place with a shopfront like this -

the branch at 18, Ann Siang Road

... serves THIS -->

Passion Fruit Meringue (the bestseller, I think)

Double Chocolate Pralines (richer, darker taste of Ferrero Rocher in cake form)

Cocoa Cheesecake

And.. ermm...
Don't say I didn't warn you about the price...!

They have another branch at Mohd Sultan Road.

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