Monday, November 20, 2006

Singapore Motorshow

singapore motorshow 2006
17112006 - suntec city

My brother 'bubbled' on me. Only when I realised that he can't accompany me that he finally admitted that he dun really fancy cars. What a bummer!

Then again, I realised that I DO have a car-lover in my midst. And THANK goodness he agreed. I can't imagine missing out on the biennale motorshow this time (I won't go alone! No fun!) . Thanks, Bas (my buddy o' pal) for the company. And for those cool shots. That's the good thing about having a photographer for a friend. I dun trust my shaky hands, you see. Heh.

When I caught sight of the Ferraris I was like, "What the...? So soon...?" It's true right, that when you already viewed the nicest of things, all the others look pretty... well... sub-standard??

When Bas was like, "Let's go there!" I was apprehensive cos' I thought of 'saving the best for last' (yeeah rite!). Well, that's until my sight fell on the Lamborghinis.

"Oh my goodness! My babies! They're here!! Let's go!" (note the exclamation marks. maximum.adrenalin.rush. Period).

About the other cars losing their novelty after drooling over those gorgeous beings?? Well, that's SOO true. But the both of us has this belief that we actually paid 10 buckeroos just to see the Ferraris & Lambos. The others are just a bonus. Heh.

Anyway, while Bas tot my camera around, I can't resist taking some shots of my own. Fished out my 2mp Nokia. Heck the picture quality. At least the cars look good in the phone.

When I upload the pics, I realised that we have taken over 100++ pics.

We must have been SOO excited. *Sweet dreams are made of this....*

Lamborghini Murcielago

MUCH more pics located

h . e . r . e

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