Friday, November 24, 2006

cheesecake cafe

cheesecake cafe

I still have Kai's cd (he loves it and I'd been keeping it for the whole month!).

And the day before, Fadhil, an old old schoolmate called, asking that I inform him when I'm meeting the guys. Cos' he need to pass us his wedding invites.

Now Kai works office hours *wowee!*. And it was Khama's off day.

And Kai mentioned Cheesecake Cafe (he's always mentioned it). But the thing is, he called it Chezcake HOUSE. So was it any surprise that I can't find it thru' Google?

I recalled driving by the area 2 days back and saw a 'Cheesecake' place. Now there can't be THAT many places in Siglap being named 'Cheesecake' right??

Khama & Kai
(oh! oh! see that cake there? that's the chocolate-banana cake. very VERY sinful.*yum!*)

Strawberry-Oreo Cheesecake, Chocolate Cheesecake & Chocolate-Banana Cake.
(sorry to say that in our excitement to sample the cakes, the pic was only taken after we've taken a bite from every one of them. pardon me if they no longer look appealing..)

I've heard about their famed Chocolate Cheesecake and Chocolate Banana Cake. Seeing that Kai had ordered the cheesecake, I ordered the latter. The server actually told me, "Just to inform you, that's not a cheesecake."

I guess that'll only happen when the place is called CHEESECAKE Cafe. Any non-cheesecake orders had to be forewarened.

The cakes, as I found out, ARE as just as how they are raved to be. Smooth and creamy texture/taste. Some even called them "the best cheesecakes in Singapore." I dunno bout' that. It's not like I've tried cheesecakes from all over the island to be able to compare.

The ambience is superb, be it indoor or al-fresco. Price?? Erm... Well, unless you come here too often, you won't really burn a hole in your pocket.

I have to warn you that this place gets pretty packed on weekends and at night. Finding parking space then can be a tedious affair. They DO have a (small) makeshift parking space for their customers but the space is tight. VERY TIGHT.

The Cheesecake Cafe
685 East Coast Road (Siglap area)
Singapore 459054
Tel: 64487725
Fax: 64487226
Mon - Tues : Closed
Wed - Thur : 4.30pm - 12am Fri : 4.30pm - 12.30am
Sat : 3.30pm - 12.30am Sun : 3.30pm - 12am

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