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Goong (Princess Hours) ending - gripe

Goong (Princess Hours) ending - gripe

Okay, okayyy... Bear with me. This is like the 4th...? 5th...? post on Goong.

I need to let it out of my system.

All those days and days of late nights/early mornings of sleeping at 4++am, watching at least 1 dvd everytime; mind you there're 8 dvds in all - 24 episodes. Most other Korean shows have only 16 episodes, okay?

Anyway, after all that - can't I at least have a more logical ending? Okay okay, reality check - what's so logical about a drama which showed Korea having a non-constitutional monarchy (ala Britain) anyway? But at least give me something that make sense lah!

Don't even mention the story being left hanging. I know that they had expected for the story to continue in Goong II but the way things turn out, they have to totally revamp the story so we're all left with our tongues wagging.

Would so love to list things that I demand an explanation for but it's will only create spoilers for those in Singapore who are still watching the series on Ch U. I shall leave it at that.

I love Chae-Gyeong's dresses. And hair. Everything.

The guys are very, very brave to wear what they wear on that show. Jo Ji Hoon, especially. Polka-dotted shirts? Check. Glaring hues? Check. Ruffles? Check. Ribbons? Check. Bright, tight sweaters? Check.

I know what the sylist had in mind.
Shin (his character) was to be potrayed as a S.N.A.G. Metrosexual. Stylish. I draw a line at the wardrobe worn by Hyun Bin in My Lovely Samsoon.


It doesn't help that his tall, thin frame made his limbs look almost androgynous.

Look at this.

This pic had one of my guy friends drooling because he thought that it's a sexy lady's back!

And his fingers were to-die-for! For a woman to have, that is.

But the pants he wore in the last episode were the killer, man! My bro and I giggled at the absurdity of the way it's worn. Oh that that uber low-cut top he wore at Bangkok? Puh-Leaseee..!

Oh, I discovered this website which had information regarding the FILMING LOCATIONS of this drama. Good info for those who really thought the sights to be gorgeous and have the moolah to go and visit them.

The 'Palace' - Duksung University, Unni-dong Campus

The Teddy Bear Museum - where Chae-Gyeong accompanied the Queen Mother to.

Their school is really an arts school - Kaywon High School of Arts

Resort for Lee Yul's Birthday Party - House of the Mind

I really really hope that this is my last post on Goong. This obsession doesn't seem healthy.

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