Thursday, November 09, 2006

A. Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain - is he ever coming back down here?

Look at that! Are you envious? Are you?!

Well, I sure am.

Anthony signed THREE of his books and DREW his trademark skull/chef tattoo-embelm on the coat!

This Dylan fella sure is one lucky guy.

He appeared on an episode on the 3rd season of No Reservations, hokay.

Check out his experience on Eat,Drink&BeMerry.

Reading the comments to his post, I was like, "Ditto! Yeah... Ditto that one too!"

I don't understand this: Why pixelate his face when he's gonna appear on national television anyway?

It that was me with Anthony Bourdain right there, I'm sure I would have spoken some sort of gibberish that WILL have the word, "Gastronomical Adventure."

The gibberish is inevitable, what with me having to contain my excitement. But those TWO words are what I have practiced saying over and over, just in case I meet Mr Bourdain himself on the streets (yet another of my fantasy). I MUST say them!

Well, if he come down to Singapore again, that is. Or if I go to the U. S of A. But then again, even other Americans have a hard chance of that happening.... Geez!

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