Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Project Storybook Lebanon - A Big Thank You

Project Storybook Lebanon - A Big Thank You

Hi friends,

On behalf of Mercy Relief, I would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who responded to our call for books. Thanks to your effort , the Project Storybook Lebanon is a success. Due to overwhelming response, MR had to extend the dateline from 5 Nov to 10 Nov to accomodate to those who were unable to make it. MR and some volunteers spent the last two weekends sorting and packing the books. We managed to pack 23 Boxes of 5000 books !

Besides the storybooks, MR is planning to send 10,000 playpacks to Lebanon. We have packed 4000 and will be packing another 6000 probably from24 to 26 Nov. We are currently sourcing for a suitable location.

If you are interested to help out, kindly give me an indicative response to me.However, plse do not proceed to rearranging your schedule ( like taking leave etc). I will inform you once i have more details on the manpower needs.

warmest regards,
Andrew Ang-Mercy Relief.

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