Sunday, December 10, 2006

food entry

warning: food entry ahead

cheesecake cafe

I tried the Vanilla-Chocolate Cheesecake.

okayyy... So the name SEEMED something like that. Doesn't leave much of an impression on me. Maybe cos' I'm not really a fan of vanilla.
But the chocolate chips make it somewhat interesting.

Moving on....

Chocolate Truffle Cake (non-cheesecake). Hmmmm....

I've come to a conclusion.

ALL chocolate truffle cakes are nice. Well, from what I gather, all carry the same smooth texture, which cause the cake to melt in the mouth; bursting with a deep, rich chocolate taste while at it.

fish & chips

Amirah's Grill - A generous 3 pieces of (crispy) breaded fish fillets. Psst. I heard the portion was much bigger last time.

The (shoestring) fries were sprinkled with some paprika, giving it that somewhat 'cajun-spice' look. But tastes like any other fries anyway.

The coleslaw comes separately, albeit generously in a small bowl. This way, the cream won't ooze into the fish, making them soggy before you can get to them.

Spize Simpang Bedok - 2 breaded fish fillets. The place can get really crowded sometimes. Despite the abundance of staff, maybe the pressure of endless orders get to the cooks.

The breaded fish is not a cripy as you had expected them to be. Could do with another minute or so in the fryer.

The side salad is a combination of fresh veggies and a bit of coleslaw. Those who like their coleslaw creamy will be disappointed. A tad sour too, if you ask me.

Some Banquet branches used to serve really great fish & chips, like Reef @ Raffles or Pat's @ Parkway Parade. But I guess the portion and quality dwindle down with time.

Which variety of fish & chips do you prefer? The breaded kind or those dipped in batter (ala LJS)? Any recommendations??

A little something to make you drool. Mushroom Steak from Spize. Quite tender, despite being well-done.

And they use fresh mushrooms. Not those cheapo canned variety. And REAL, bite-sized veggies, not those ridiculous, frozen mixed-vegetables.

And 2 scoops of mashed potato is pretty generous, eh?

Chicken Rice Shop, Vivo City

This restaurant chain from KL finally opened a branch here.

Having tasted the one in Aeon Tebrau City, JB, I can safely say that the taste doesn't vary much. In fact, they serve the same type of sets that are available in M'sia.

A set for 4 costs RM48.90 there. Here it cost $34.90. Of course it's more expensive here.

That set comes with:
Pie-tee (large)
1/2 chicken (roasted/steamed/baked)
Honey BBQ chicken (like char-siew)
Steamed Tofu (topped with this yummy crunchy bits)
Stir Fried Bean Sprouts
Thai Style Mango Salad (fwah!)
A jug of soft drink (ice lemon tea will be an additional $4)

Go for the roasted chicken. Crispy & full of flavour.

It's located at B2, nearby Kopitiam & Banquet.

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