Tuesday, December 12, 2006

a day for the kids

a day for the kids

Guess we kinda owe them one. Months ago we thought we could have something great in the works.

Especially the getaway to Kota-Rainforest. The plan is sweet, I know. But we know that logistically, it's going to be a nightmare.

So far, we've done the hike at MacRitchie Park to get to the Tree-Tops Walk. Then there's the camping at East Coast Park. Chalet's also been done. Picnic? We've done lots.

It'll be nice if we can bundle them up to Genting Highlands. It'll be so much fun.

This school holidays, I've been up to my neck with my own set of activities and I dunno why I felt like I've neglected them somewhat. I believe that kids should be given the chances to enjoy themselves while their holidays last.

So when my cousin pester me to head for Escape Theme Park; now that the entry charge is a mere $6, I looked for an available date, relented and agreed.

Why is it ah, that I have to be around for a plan to work..? Cannot go ahead without me is it..? If all my weekends are occupied, will that mean that the kids won't go to these places at all..??

Escape Theme Park
Worth going now. For a mere $6, they give you coupons for a free carnival game, free popcorn, free ice-cream & $6 off your next visit!

The Kids
A grand total of 12 kids in all.
Okay... That includes a handful of teens.

Pasir Ris Park
My cousin's brought her dad's Keppel Family Day coupon and we got this $20 food voucher which we used to buy rojak-mamak for a quick picnic here.

White Sands
Photo sessions with the Looney Toon characters before heading home.

Seeing how eager they were to just jump into the sea while at Pasir Ris Park, I guess a picnic should be in the works. Maybe during the long CNY holidays???

Hey, how a bout a hike up Bukit Timah Nature Reserve?? To be considered.
*checks diary*

Nothing beats seeing the smiles on the kids' faces...

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