Friday, December 29, 2006

internet careful on the road

finally... the return of stable internet connection

There so much that I wanna blog about but there's so much that I'm holding back. There're feelings to take care of.. yadaa yadaa...

And I'm still affected by what I saw yesterday.

My family was headed out for dinner yesterday, with my bro helming the wheel during that rainy evening. When approaching a junction in our neighbourhood, I saw the unmistakable blinking blue lights of a police car in the distance and remarked to my bro, "Hey, there's an accident in front."

"No way. Maybe it's something else."

Adamant, I replied, "It has to be. Given the weather condition and the fact that police car is stationary."

Traffic was slow when passing through that junction. The police car was parked diagonally off-centre in one lane and I saw a white van on on the side.

Then there's this wrecked motorcycle propped by the kerb.

I had a sinking feeling. That doesn't look good.

I craned my neck and saw many busybodies hanging out by the pavement, standing witness to something. Something on the road, in fact.

Was it...??

My dad spoke up, "I wonder who's at fault? There's a dead body on the road. Somebody covered it up with newspapers."

Oh dear. I had hoped that my sight had betrayed me at the time when I saw what he saw.

The exhilaration of eating out with my family was slowly taken over by the gloom that start to permeate through and hover within the interior of the car. I suddenly felt sad. I don't know why.

Having that happen in my neighbourhood, I hoped that whoever's involved isn't anyone I know. Then I think about the MacDonald's delivery guys who are stationed at the outlet near my block.

It's no secret, how these guys get about doing their deliveries.


As a believer of fate, I know that time has ran out for that person. But fate doesn't decide the way one dies. One doesn't have to go in that manner, in full view of everyone, with the cold rain pattering on the lifeless body and being all alone....

Given the escalated danger during this rainy season, I hope for EVERYONE, regardless of what vehicle you helm or whether you go around on foot: PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

When you take care of yourself, you take care of others around you too.


minerva said...

Agreed. :)
You (and bro, too) take care of yourselves too, on and off the road, yea?

Do take care, and Bestest wishes for A Great New Year (and Hari Raya Haji!) to all at home. May you always be blessed with bliss, peace, good health, success and many more wonderful moments in life.

Love & hugs, always, us*

CT said...

thank you for the wishes..!
yes, ill take care... thanks for the reminder.