Monday, December 04, 2006

Boys’ Brigade Sharity Gift Box

Boys' Brigade Sharity Gift Box

I'm not sure if you noticed, whenever you shop for groceries at certain NTUC Fairprice (supermarket) branches, there are a couple of Boys Brigade cadets stationed at a corner, right beside a huge box.

Of course, those boys are there for a reason.

From 24th Nov - 20th Dec, you can go down to THESE locations to drop off NEW consumable food items such as rice, oil, sugar, biscuits, cereals, powdered milk, canned food and instant noodles, as well as household items like toiletries (soap, toothbrush) and diapers (children and adult).

That's also why they chose to station themselves in front on a supermarket chain.

So the next time you select that packet of rice, sugar or that bottle of oil, do take another and place them at the other side of your shopping trolley/basket. Have them packaged separately from those meant for your household.

As you walk out, head over to the Boy Brigade cadets and hand over those extra bags of groceries. They'll gladly thank you for those.

Believe me, it makes their hours of wait so much more worth it.

Not to mention those needy people who are waiting to receive their share of those groceries you've bought.


shireen said...

yes yes the spirit of giving is here again ;)

CT said...

hehe.. ya. Christmas or not it's the thought that counts.

and it's a really interesting concept on contributing to charity. things are made soo easy for us. antara nak 7 tak nak aja...