Friday, December 15, 2006

abc rest'n

AB & ABC Restaurant
Duku Road

I thought it's just another mamak (indian-muslim) eatery. So much so, I only went there ONCE during the 1++ year when my office was a mere few doors away.

Even then, it's my boss who sent us there to get a drink when we got locked out that one time.

I didn't know the gem that I was missing out on.

It was only after my office has been shifted elsewhere that I eventually come here to sample their food. With my family in tow.

I have read an article in the New Paper, where this chef from a pretty well-known restaurant claimed to frequent this place for his fix of Sup Kambing (Mutton Soup). Imagine a chef recommending his favourite food?

Of course I got curious. When I mentioned it to my parents, they told me that place appeared on tv, too (I dunno for what programme, though). So we made our way there.

And rest as they say, is history. We've been pretty regular since.

The drawing factor(s)?

(L) The Sup Kambing (Mutton Soup)
(R) The crispy Murtabak

Previously, the murtabak came only in one at one size-one price. However, I was surprised when they asked me if I want the $3/5/7 option when I ordered one recently. So that's an improvement.

And their Kway Teow Goreng (fried chinese rice-noodles) is superb!

But the mutton soup.. *fuh!*

Tastes just like the one from the mamak bisu (mute indian man) stall at Geylang Food Market. I can't recall where that stall is located now that they've rearranged the layout of the stalls in the new location. But keep a lookout for frail, old men who look like they should be at home eating porridges - slurping on this goodness (and patiently chewing on the meat with those teeth of theirs).

I dunno about the cholesterol factor but going by the fact that the meat doesn't have the bad odour/taste, I believe that the meat come from goats and not sheep (usually more fatty).

And my mum always ordered the urat (tendon) version and boy, was that a gastronomical adventure! The translucent, yet springy pieces are simply awesome! The tulang (bone from the legs) are worth ordering too. Dun forget to suck out the marrow. Plain meat is just so boring.

My mum insist on going to the Esplanade. The carpark fee is at $4 per entry *gah!*.

It was low tide and the place is teeming with teens. And I'm talking about Monday evening here.
Bless the free performance (just who doesn't like freebies??) by this lady and her harp.

Since young, I've always regarded harps to be magical.
Maybe it's the sound it exudes.
Maybe it cos' I always see a harp behind St. Peters at the 'Heavenly Gate'.
Maybe because it's usually golden.

Okay... you get the drift.

Talk about harps.... I recall this particular scene in an episode of Gilmore Girls (been ages since I last watched that series).

Lorelai was having a conversation with Luke on the phone. She was making wedding arrangements at the hotel where she worked.
Luke: Where are you now? Heaven...?
Lorelai: Nope, it's just a lady playing the harp. She's auditioning to perform during this couple's wedding.
(It's amazing. He's being sarcastic and yet she always catch his drift. Love the chemistry between their characters..)

I got my bro to be my 'volunteer model', much to the amusement of the others around us. Gotta' love him for being such a sport.

Oh well, he's my only sibling after all. Bah!

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