Sunday, March 13, 2005

The one about going to Thailand...

This weekend, I've been telling myself that I wanna blog about a certain something. However, being the procrastinator that I am, I never really get into doing it. Sigh....

After getting some transactions done on my IB, I resort to some blog-hopping. I told myself that I'm getting sleepy and will be logging of soon(it's Monday tomorrow). That was at 2230hrs. It's 0000hrs and what am I doing?

Yes. Blogging. Sheesh!
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What in the world happened?

Simple. Will tell it cave-man style....
Me blog-hop. Me read and read. Me go to Mr Brown's blog. Me read. Mr Brown in Bangkok. Mr Brown go shopping. Mr Brown talks of being sweaty. Mr Brown says he felt out of place somewhere. Mr Brown...

Ok, ok. Enuff' of Mr Brown. Now... The thing bout' feeling out-of-place...Where have I been thru' that before...? *ponders*

Duh! He said he's in Bangkok! Doofus!
I remember that clearly. My collegue & I (yes, just the 2 of us...) had gone to Chatuchak earlier in the day, dumped all our shopping in the hotel room and rushed out again, this time to MBK. In our pursuit to purchase a HRC tee (original), we stumbled into Siam Centre. Now, this building speaks one word. No, make that 2 words. Swanky + posh. Very Paragon.

And of all places to have a loose bladder, it had to be in this bldg. Shucks.

There we were, lining up amongst these ladies(real ones) who more these chic mules and strappy heels (I saw Gucci & Ferragamo), slinky tops(err.... some Italian/French designer stuff) and these tight, low-hung jeans(not just some Levi's but ridiculously expensive all the same). We were all flushed, hot and sweaty (kinda' dusty/grimy after walking along the roads), wearing capri, tees and Teva look-alike sandals. Oh did I mention dirty & sweaty?

Wait, I'm missing one part. Did I mention the fact that we look so much like Thais (not the tall, thin Mtv VJ type) that no vendors approached us with their wares like they did to other 'fellow' tourists?? It sure dun' help, the fact that I practiced so hard on those basic Thai that I sound like them (nasal & all).

From Bangkok to Phuket, all of them gave the same apologetic look after we said the so oft-mentioned phrase, "We're not Thai." They then said, "Oh, I tot u Thai people." After just smiling politely they said, "You look like Thai people." Ok, ok. Enuff' said. Whatever!

Then they proceed to bug us to buy their wares. Dang!

Suddenly I missed looking like a Thai. It sure helped though when we go out at night. We practically blend into the crown. No hassle. Ppl ignored us and mind their business. We try not to speak a lot. We smiled a lot (yes, Thais love smiling).
However, till now, I'm determined to get back to Siam Centre. This time I'll be dressed to the nines(casual-wise) and blend into the chic crowd there. Maybe I'll even stand out. Hmmpf!

Wait, there's something I missed. We look so much like 'Thai people' that we were even mistaken for 'social escorts' in Phuket. Incredulous, you say?!
We ordered some take-aways at this restaurant. So as not to look silly waiting inside while everyone else is dining, we waited outside(they prepared this cute bench in front). Our conversation was rudely interrupted by this middle-aged american man with this thick moustach. He was directly in front of us (goodness knows how long he's been standing there..)

You know what that perve-of-a-man said? "You one of the escort???"

Ooooooh, I betcha' my eyes were as wide as saucers then. I exclaimed with, "I'm sorry?!" (made sure my English sounded posh and un-'escortish'). I swore I could have stomped on his feet and screamed this into his face, "Do I look like a blardee, f***ing escort to ya??!"

Pardon that expletive. I was THAT angry. Luckily the restaurant fella' came out in time with the bill. I fished out my card from the purse. No, make that, FLASHED my card. Made sure he saw that I AM NOT AN ESCORT!

He looked sheepish as he walked away. In my anger, I forgot to ask after him, "What, no apologies??!"

Goodness, it's been a year and I'm still seething from anger with regards to this matter. Somehow, my collegue and myself managed to laugh the matter off soon after that. We joked about what we could have said and done in response to that lewd enquiry. Hee... What would YOU have done??

Heh. I does seem funny.

So much for responding to 'Mr Brown feeling out-of-place' in Bangkok... Sheesh!
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In D'ma Pavilion Hotel, Bangkok~We were soooo busy shopping, we only took 4 pics in Bangkok and all were taken in the room. Pathetic!

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Banthai Resort, Phuket.

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Banthai Resort, Phuket~Pool

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Snorkelling at Loh Samah~Koh Phi Phi

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Beautiful Scenery~Maya Beach

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