Thursday, March 03, 2005

I feel like such a doofus. I so confidently wanted to process some bill payment for my dad only to realize upon logging in that I forgotten his internet banking's user id. Yeap, not the password/pin but the user id. How dumb is that?! FYI, I have full authorisation from my dad to access his internet banking, ok?

Until now, I'm still figuring out the various names I could have used for his user id. From the simplest to the stoopidest. Really, I'm at loss. I wanna get this payment over and done with for my poor memory always did me injustice and in no time at all, I'm gonna forget about this whole hoo-ha. Darn!

Maybe the fact that I have lesser oxygen getting into my brain is the cause to this problem. Cos' I caught the flu bug. After weeks of dreary, hot weather, the sky decided to pour out all the rain it held back. My physical self somehow became intolerant towards this sudden pattern of the weather. Yea, yea, poor immunity and all...

As of yesterday, my throat became all scratchy, I sweat heavily despite the chilly weather, my brain became all fuzzy & I officially breathe though a single nostril. If it's not the right, it's the left. Never both. Yeah, thus the lack of oxygen.

When I sleep, I have to resort to leaving my mouth open. Thank goodness, I slept on my side. Should I sleep face up.... Urgh, nevermind. Anyway, I have a new new addition to my entourage of sleeping companions (read: 4 big pillows, I small mashimaro pillow & 1 large mashimaro). That being a tissue box. A frilly one at that. My nose is dripping like nobody's business. A leaking tap, definitely. My nose is all bruised from all the constant abrasions caused by tissue papers. I dunno how often blow my nose throughout the night but I woke up to see this pile of soggy tissues beside me. Ugh!

What in the world am I doing? Griping? Goodness, before I start to type in some hapless crap, I'd better stop. Gosh, I feel sooo *duhhhhh...*


*heads for the bed*

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