Monday, May 26, 2008

farhan's wedding

a sorta' reunion

So one of us got married. Not the first anyway. He's like... the third?

First was Fendi. Then Fadhil. Now Farhan.

Hey, all the 'F's are hitched! =)

And they're from the other classes (there're 3 classes in my course). First one amongst us who's from my class that's getting hitched will be... me, I guess.

Unless one of them guys decide to jump on the bandwagon, ahead of myself (a miracle!).

Anyway, I dunno how things were planned that day. Kai was the one with all our invites so we assumed that he'll be the one organising things (as always).

But he got so busy that he only got to know at the last minute, that the bridal couple will be at the venue from 2pm onwards. By then, Fendi and Fadhil had already confirmed that they'll be arriving at noon.

Khamz will have an interview so he may not make it.

Bas is (still) in Perth.

So that leaves me and Kai.

It got weird, suddenly. It wouldn't have mattered before but this time....
I mean, me and Kai arriving together.....? Those unknowing may just get the wrong idea.

And there'll be a lotta' unknowing people.

And my fiance's not working that day.
Easy-peasy. Just ask him along, rite?

Hah! Thing is, my he detests weddings. He didn't even attend his own relatives' wedding, even HIS friends'. Much less that of MY friend...?

I didn't bother beating-about-the-bush and just told him of my dilemma. He agreed to come along (after a little hesitation, naturally).

Anyway, upon arriving at the venue, guess who was the first person I (somewhat) know that I saw...?

They very person I had a crush on, back in those days...
(oh well, I don't thing I wanna go into detail bout' this part, so... *SKIP!*)

And guess what...?

When I called Kai, he said he's currently waiting for Fadhil AND Fendi.
Meaning, these guys decided to come at the same time as us, after all...! Pfft!

At this point I sheepishly looked at my guy and said, "I seriously didn't know that they have a change of plans....."

He might have thought that I've conned him into coming with me! Gah!

Not only was it pretty unnecessary for him to come along, that surely was one heck of a wedding that I brought him to.

It was a loud, crowded and a definite full-blown Hindustani event, man! Reminiscent of scenes in the Hindi movies I've seen (when I bothered to watch, that is).

There's belly dancing, ballet, modern dance and of course, BANGHRA.

I was worried that this might have traumatised him somewhat. For someone who hardly attend weddings, this might have set him back a little bit. But since he kept his cool, I'm relieved.

And something ironic happened, upon our arrival. They were having this prayer recitation so the hall was slightly quiet less noisy. After it's done, the deejay announced, "And now, we have the next performance... Belly dancing!!"

What the...?

Belly dancing right after a prayer recitation..? Riiiiight...!
I can see almost all the senior citizens shaking their heads....

Food was great. Just too bad the caterers had people SERVING us, despite it being a buffet spread. I sure wouldn't mind more of that black-pepper prawns....

Desserts were superb! The amazing variety is enough to drive me nuts!

And since the bridal couple left to change (maybe to the bride's side), we stayed on to wait until they reappear.

And even Khamz managed to attend. Hailed a cab soon after he left his interview at Sheraton. I managed to warn my other-half to not be alarmed by Khamz's antics, cos' he's a really pretty loud person by nature.

After all, Khamz didn't manage to make it to my engagement party so they weren't properly introduced.

And so my guy got to see all my pals. And he's amazed that there's no ladies, with the exception of Fendi's wifey, who happened to be my senior back in those days.

And in all, his response to the whole reunion..?

Despite him being quiet (mostly), he admit that he didn't feel awkward around my mates. *Phew!*

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