Monday, June 02, 2008

i cook!

i cooked !

One of those lazy Saturdays when the family watched nothing but channel 69.

Asian Food Channel. Such addiction!

And my mum had enough of these chefs cooking up plates upon plates of pasta and summoned me to prepare her some.

In all normalcy, I would have baulked, whined and whimper and my mum would have gotten up and cook instead. I would aid in the preparation, of course. Pffft!

That day, somehow, I instantly sourced for a quick recipe online and got on with it.

From preparing the ingredients, boiling the pasta and eventually cooking the whole thing.


I'm amazed at myself, too. I guess as the (big) day looms near, I get a little pressured to spend more time in the kitchen. I can't believe that I finally succumb to the pressure.

Even my guy fren cook! I mean, he's the one who gave me suggestions with how to get around preparing the pasta! So malu!

Coloured Fusili w/ Turkey Ham & Mushroom Cream Sauce.

For my parents.

For me.

The creamier and cheesier version.

For my bro, I mix in a little more milk & seasoning. Put a little of the pasta at the bottom, then top with mozarella and cheddar mix. Then heap more pasta on top of that. Cover that with more of the cheese mix. Then sprinkle some parmesan.

Parmesan has a pungent smell and a sharp taste. But that doesn't mean the taste sux. Plus, parmesan gets really crispy when baked.

Sprinkle some herb mix (preferable w/ oregano) . For me, I also put chilli flakes and black pepper for the extra kick. Bake till the cheese get pretty crispy on top.


It's important to heap more sauce for the baked pasta. Naturally, the dish will be pretty dry post-bake, so with more sauce the same consistency can be achieved as when eaten normally.

Besides, when all that cheese melts (especially the one at the lower layer) and flows into the sauce and it all morph into this awesome cheese-sauce....


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