Friday, June 13, 2008

tastespotting gone

tastespotting gone..!

My favourite food blog is GONE...!


This is like...

THE food blog of ALL food blogs!

You'll be greeted with gorgeous pictures of drooling-ly enticing food - from beverages, to starters to main courses to desserts.

Click on a picture and you'll be automatically transported to the entry on the whoever's website that is.

If you're lucky, there will be a recipe that comes along with that awesome pic.

I don't see why this is a cause for any legal issue....

I'm sure there's no major case of plagiarism involved. I mean, the link brings you DIRECTLY to that person's page on that person's blog! Not as if the whole thing was extracted and put on tastespotting like it belonged there....

Geez, now I've one less webpage to go to. Not just any webpage, ok? It's a webpage that updates DAILY with loads of new photos everytime!

...And recipes!

Uwahhhh...! How to learn to cook liddat???! I need those gorgeous pics to inspire me!

Darn those who brought on the occurance of this legal whatnots! Pfft!


Preyanka said...

I was in shock. I loves thats sites:( Perhaps it's because they were making money off of the submissions without the individual bloggers' consent? Dunno. But it's sad.

CT said...

I finally realise that too. Knowing how popular that site is, I guess some just can't tolerate that fact..?

Maybe some of the bloggers decide to come up in-arms together? sigh...

There's a thin line draw between what's legal and what's not, I guess.

...Our loss