Monday, June 23, 2008

bro's new workplace

bro's new career move

Last Friday was my brother's last day at work.

So those who have been to Wild Wild Wet @ Downtown East, please be informed that THIS 'Botak' lifeguard is no longer working there.

Cheh, as if he's so popular, liddat.

I wonder how does it feel like, to leave a particular workplace after having been slogging there for the past 3 years...?

Well, not that I want to go through that. I love my current vocation, thank you.

I accompanied him to downtown east yesterday as he had to return to WWW to return his uniform and clear his locker.

He had told me that he took a VERY long look at his locker before he finally bade goodbye to the place as a whole.

In fact, his colleague had jokingly put up a notice much similar to a classified ad, advertising his (now) available locker.


Today is his 1st day at the new workplace. Hopefully all goes well.

There's a lot of conveniece that he had to sacrifice to take up this job. He had to do away with the direct bus route to work and be a newly converted MRT commuter. Then there's the need to wake up at an ungodly hour and be on the train by 6+ am.

Well at least they pay better and have dual shifts (shorter hours per shift). Hopefully this will give him a chance to pursue that sports management course that he's been eyeing for so long.

Best wishes on this career move, bro!

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