Saturday, June 07, 2008



I made it here!

Fast, eh?

I thought I'm the only one who can't resist the temptation.

My 2 mates think likewise too!

The interior.

Seating is quite limited. Maybe can seat up to 10 pax.

We came early to chope the seats but the place filled up only after 7.30pm.

Was pretty surprised to see the pretty small display counter.

But it wasn't disappointing though.

It somewhat gives the desserts on display an 'exclusive' appeal.

Maybe they only display a limited amount to retain the freshness...?

What we ordered.

From left -

Dome Amore, Le Cassis, Verrine, Macarons.

My Our favourite?

All in unison chose the Dome Amore as the most delectable of the lot.

We agreed that it felt like, 'an explosion of flavours' upon the 1st bite. Who would expect raspberry & dark chocolate to go so well together?

Then there's the white chocolate core. And the delightfully crispy Valrhona chocolate pearls hidden within.

Had we not tried the dome, Le Cassis would be our favourite. Their mousse is dense, therefore it contribute to a pretty rich taste, be it the Blackurrant or the Dark Chocolate. Dreamy!

Oh, the crunchy praline base is lovely!

The macarons? It's definitely better than the ones I had before. However, after all the others, they don't seem as enticing anymore.

But they were delicious, nonetheless.

We chose 3 flavours. One each. The Noisette, Bittersweet Chocolate & Chocolat-Menthe. So much for variety, huh? All of us chose the chocolate variant!

The favourite? Chocolate-mint. MY choice. Hah!

The outcome?


We literally cleaned out our plates! Believe it or not, these are our dinner.

We can't ingest anything else.

The best part?

The total cost of these desserts came to only $26! Well of course we paid more eventually, when we also ordered the beverages.

It's not as costly, especially when compared to other places selling stuff of similar type and quality. And the presentation of the stuff at some other places can't even be compared to the ones here!

We hesitated to tuck in at first because they all looked so nice!

We're definitely coming back. We just have to try at least one from the cheesecake variety and also their best-seller, the Noisette.

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