Friday, June 06, 2008

random cheesemax

random cheesemax

31st May 2008
After sending my aunt & cousin off at the airport (umrah), my aunts and cousin came back to my home cos' they need to perform their Asar & Maghrib prayers.

Seeing that it's my bro's birthday, my mum got everyone to join us for the birthday dinner. Booked a table for 15 at Chai Chee Restaurant.

Somehow, we always come back to that place for seafood dinners. We went there countless times and the taste of the food has remained pretty consistent over the years. The service is alright and the price is reasonable.

Anyway, I'm so glad my mum chose that place cos I'm dying to eat their Shanghai Chicken
and Cereal Sotong or Prawns again.

My cousin Dzul & my bro.

This Dzul ah, he started working
at my bro's workplace only recently and he got wayyy darker than my bro.

And I thought my bro was really chao-tar.

Maybe I'm such a sotong but I've always wondered why it seemed so special when these 3 guys hung around together, doing the same thing.

Like when the 'relak-one-korner' for a smoke break.

It just dawn upon me that they're are arwah Yayi Lawin's (my paternal grandpa) only grandsons!!!

And my bro is the ONLY 3rd-generation son.

My bro attempting an 'act-cute' pose (as always).

Too bad, my camerafone's in night mode.

Macam momok!


1st June 2008
Recognise these..?


With heads soo big and looking so cushy, I was very much tempted to drop something heavy- just to see if it will bounce off them.

Bad, I know.

Having just read Bill Bryson's, 'The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid', I can't help thinking of naughty things that I can do when in a busy shopping centre. Especially when you look into the void and see all the way down to the basement.

Imagine the ruckus if I 'accidentally' drop a packet of liquids. Even ice-cream will do just fine...

*rubs hands in glee*

kecik2x tak jahat. dah besar gini baru jadi nakal!

Ok, something else altogether.

2nd June 2008
I saw that they've already installed the lighting tracks for the upcoming F1 night race this September.

Wah, not bad!

Now I'm contemplating whether to join the crowds at the Marina area during raceday or simply watch from home.

Nothing beats watching the race from the comfort of one's home. What more, the televised version shows clearly the exact locations, all the technical info, various views, updates etc....

This time however, I was drawn to the fact that I can hear the engine sounds for myself, deafening as they may be. The feel of the ground vibrating and the 'whoosh!' caused by the impact of cars going at over 300kmph.

All these are worth experiencing.

Besides, the race falls on my birthday, you know. Those who know me, knows that I'm such a race freak, be it F1 or MotoGP. I've been to a MotoGP race.

So ain't anybody buying me a tix for the F1 this time...???

Anyone..? Please...?

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