Thursday, September 07, 2006

full moon? eat crabs

full moon? eat crabs

Tak bedek! It's an old wives' tale that during full moon, the flesh of the crabs is in abundance and at its sweetest. My family swore by that.

Even teeny-tiny crabs have enough flesh to satisfy ANY craving, much more those found in seafood restaurants.

Talk about seafood restaurants. Went to Chai Chee Seafood Rest'n (359 Changi Road) yesterday.

Fans of "Ayam Masak Kicap" (chicken in soy sauce) should try this "Shanghai Chicken" dish. The soy sauce is pretty sweet, not unlike the Indonesian ABC brand but I think they used the chinese dark soy sauce.

The chicken is darn crispy, fried to the bone (nibbled on the bones w/o realising-it's THAT crispy!). Ask for it to be extra spicy and they'll fry more chilli padi with the onions.

Yeah, last night it's almost full-moon.

We ordered chilli crab. *yay!*

It's the first time in many, many years that we ate crabs when dining out. The last time was when my grandma gave a treat and she called the shots.

Cos' my family is a shy bunch. We don't wanna end up looking like those people who eat bone steak at Beach Road. Really!

I dunno what came over us but I believe we've always had this secret yearning to try eating crabs like other people. So when I innocently remarked, "The moon is almost full tonight."

My dad replied, "Crab?"

"Chilli or black pepper?" my mum continued.

And the rest is history.... *yay!*

Actually it's not exactly my FIRST time. It's my 1st time with the family, though.

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