Sunday, September 24, 2006

been a long time- update

been a long time- looong update

Almost 2 weeks of absence. Pretty busy, lar. Works come piling up, like some sort of vengence for the idling during the whole of last week.

My bro had some ear infection in both ears and had his MC extended for another 3 days on top of the 5 days that was granted earlier. Interesting, huh? I guess being a lifeguard with an ear infection just dun gel.

16th Sept

Made our way to the cemetary to clean up some relatives' graves. My parents, I dunno what came over them, went there empty-handed, save for a few bottles of water. No tools to clean the weeds or other what-nots. Thankfully, my uncle came with a full-sized 'changkul' (a spade of sorts). Cleaning 8 graves in the hot sun sure is no mean feat.

I am so happy with the new IMM. I used to hate going there cos' it's always almost impossible to get a parking lot immediately. Now they have another wing with many, many more carpark lots. I LIKE!

And the Bagus! (subsidiary of Banquet foodcourts) now revert back to the self-service system with I am sooo much more comfortable with. And my family spent $66 at Daiso where all things are only $2; meaning we bought THIRTY-THREE freakin' items. Geez!

And I totally dig the beverage vending machines from Japan that sold WARM coffee or tea in CANS. And in many flavours, too. Coolness!

Brought my cousin Imah back with me to treat her to a movie before she battle it out in her 'O' Level exams. My cousins Sue & Nor joined us at PS later on.

That Golden Village Plaza really cekik darah (suck blood) u noe. I had no time to do internet booking but I did get to check the available timing for the Indon movie, "HEART". There's supposed to be a 2130hrs show. However, when I finally got to the counter, I was told that the last screening for that movie had been at 1845hrs. Merepek, kan?! Of all days not to do Internet Booking... Geez!

Had a hard time choosing movies since I had a 16yr old with me who didn't bring her IC. And it's Saturday nite so tickets are selling pretty fast. Finally decided to make way to the neighbouring The Cathay, which had only 2 pathetic box-offices and one is actually for advanced bookings. Imagine the queue...

Got to watch The Devil Wears Prada (I noe, citer dah basi tapi tetap full-house). Got to sit 2 rows from the front. Oh well...

My bro fetch us later (refused to let me drive earlier on because of the definite jam) and had supper at Al-Ameen Bukit Timah. Ok, yeah it's my first time there despite all the rave(??) reviews on that place.

Those watching Devil Wears Prada will know that there's a scene where Miranda decides not to eat the steak that Andy had so painstakingly collected from the restaurant. In the end, the whole JUICY slab of sleak was dumped into the sink.

I was so affected by that scene (or maybe by the sight of such a delectable piece of meat gone uneaten) that I decided to order ... well yeah... Garlic Steak for SUPPER. Turns out, both Sue & Nor did the same too (one ordered mushroom the other, black pepper).

I dunno what is it that made us think of actually comparing that juicy $100+++ steak to the measly and not to mention OVERCOOKED ones we had that morning (supper, remember?). Does anyone have any idea how DIFFICULT it is to digest such tough meat at a time when your body desperately calls for some rest? Bad choice.

17th Sept

Went to M1 to purchase a new phone. My current one is dying and I wanna trade it in before it renders being useless.

Still had a week to the end of my 2-year contract so I decide to wait a bit to save some buckeroos. Hope I get the bluetooth thingy for driving. I hate to shout to the speakerphone.

18th - 22nd Sept

Work- Lotsa' them. Toodle-dee-dum. Finished watching yet another 2 DVDs of My Lovely Samsoon.

Oh ya. Heard about the military coup in Bangkok? Yeah, my bosses were supposed to go there THAT very weekend. 8 others in their group backed out. My boss's wifey was trying to cancel her flight & hotel bookings. I guess budget airlines had a policy that disallowed cancellations. I had that issue too when I tried to cancel my flight to Phuket when the tsunami happened.

Since the coup had been cleared- martial law or not, both of them went ahead anyway. So they rest of them who backed out just piled them with orders of what they want to buy. *shakes head*

23rd Sept

My mum booked an ear-candling spot for me just so that I can accompany her to the spa. She was to do a FULL body massage. Can you imagine just how long I have to wait for her? So I dragged my dad along and my mum eventually gave her ear-candling spot to him.

Ear-candling rocks, man! But it's pretty disappointing to see that their ain't much excess from my ears. Heh. The masseuse told me there's this 4-yr old kid who had never cleaned his ears for 2 years (imagine that!) and the excess from his ears came to be about ONE inch long. Euuukk!

The spa is located at the Singtel Recreation Club, Comms Centre. The waiting room is just so... plush. I could sleep in there.

Managed to have a taste of the famed Killiney Road toast & kopi while waiting for my mum to get done with her FULL body massage. Their toast is thicker than Ya Kun, huh? But I like Ya Kun's kaya spread.

Ate lunch at Warung M.Nasir (next door to Killiney Kopitiam). The food is superb, man. But they charge pretty exorbitant prices considering the crowd that ate there are pretty well-heeled.

Food is cooked by Malay and guaranteed Halal but dun be taken aback to see that they served alcoholic beverages. Their tea has a faint cloves scent. Pretty interesting.

If you think that you life ain't stressed enough, try driving to Mustafa Centre on Saturday night, now that the streets are lit up nicely for Deepavali. You are VERY lucky if u get a good parking lot within 5 mins of driving into that street.

I drove 2 rounds before my bro took over the wheel and he drove another 2 rounds before we eventually parked at the public carpark located along the main road.

And dun even mention the crowd inside Mustafa Centre. I huddled behind my bro and followed him everywhere he go. I hate crowds.

Anyway, to ALL Muslims out there, Here's to the cleasing of one's self, both inner & outer. May the spirit of your faith increase in leaps & bounds over this holy month of Ramadhan. Have a great time fasting!

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