Thursday, September 28, 2006

who send this..?

who send this..?

First & foremost, a big Thank You to whoever sent this thru' Joaquim Florist & Gifts. Thing is, I dunno who. Only these, "CUTELY BUBBLY CHUBBY LOVINGLY" & SSSN serves as clues.

I think the first nick is very familiar lei, but I can't quite grapple where and when I saw that name. As always, my memory never cease to fail me.. Sigh....

Heard the doorbell rang goodness-knows-how-many-times. Woke up from my slumber and peeped thru' the viewhole and saw a guy reading a receipt. Looked like a delivery guy, lei. Did my mum order something? Why very blur, ah? Darn! Forgot my specs. Scrambled to grab them and opened the door.

"Ms Siti...? Here's something for you. Happy Birthday!"

"Huh? For me..?"

I am VERRRY groggy I tell ya and it took me sometime to fully absorb what he said. Oh did I mention that I'm still in my PJs at 10am? Signed the receipt and took the basket of teeny teddy bears & flowers. And the basket is HEAVY.

My take on this...? The person may know that I dun work today (my boss??!! no way! did you read that nick?). The delivery guy wished me Happy Birthday when I opened the door. What if it had been my mum, since I'm supposed to work, rite?

Knows that I drive, (the little bears have these suction caps to hang on glass windows) and noes my age (as my collegue said, only those who really noe me, noes my age. heh).

I just spent the whole night/morning staying up watching soccer and need sleep. BADLY.... And now my eyes are wide open and my brain in full force cos' I need to noe who send this... And I tot I can recoup back my days of lost sleep today... Sigh...

Own up, PLEASE.....? I can't take this mystery anymore.

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