Monday, October 02, 2006

I found the senderssss!

I found the senderssss!

Hah! My instincts never betray me. It's your darn good acting that kept me in doubt. Right when I serkap jarang and question you all straight-in-the-face I knew I've shaken your foundation. My never-say-die questioning eventually cause you to falter, eh?

And when you asked what I felt, on that day when I received it, I chose a hard-a**ed tactic by saying that I was too sleepy to feel anything or even feel touched. And you jumped in-your-own-skin somewhat and labled me "unromantic". Aww.... You're hurt..? It's very hard to hold back a secret, ain't it???

I managed to discover only 3 of you. The last one really, REALLY caught me by surprise.

S S S N ?

'S' no. 1:


'S' no. 2:


The 'N' (also the ringleader) :


And the other 'S' who caught me by surprise....

S-ahruwardi - my very own BROTHER....!

Hello, you deserve an award, la dey! for 3 days you kept a straight face, pretending like you know nothing.... Cheh!

Anyway, thank you so much peeps for the pleasant surprise, albeit keeping me in the dark for 3 freaking day, knowing that I'm as curious as any cat out there and it's been really hellish for me.

Oh, I gave way and eventually told them that I've been genuinely touched by the gesture. Hey, I'm not that "un-romantic" after all!

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