Tuesday, October 17, 2006

kylie's baaack...!

kylie's baaack...!

Anybody watched The Kylie Interview on Ch. V last night? She sure looks all rosy and glowing. Maybe it's the make up but she definitely looks like she is on the right path to recovery.
FYI, she's been undergoing treatment for breast cancer for the past year.

Look at her. Ain't she gorgeousss (say it with an Aussie twang for best effect) ?

Hearing her talk about her loved ones who have been there for her, Paris (her beau's homeland, where she went to recuperate), her treatment, going to Sri Lanka, how different it had been when visiting her favourite charity- a certain children's hospital (specifically those who contract cancer) eversince she contract it herself. Shaving off her golden locks and her first photos since treatment (taken by her inexperienced-photgrapher-of-a-beau, which looked really good, by the way) and also of her upcoming tour (yes she IS continuing with the tour). Then there's the new children book, Showgirl Princess (which looks good enough for ME to purchase it for MYSELF).

Oh, I'm never really a fan of hers. Now, I think I AM.

This interview had been wholesome, inspiring and highly motivational. She had sounded so genuine and the the tears that almost spilled really touched me. She rocks!

And Cat Deely, the interviewer- she looks good, too.

Maybe it's the make-up, lah. Specifically the lip gloss. Did you see that lip gloss?? Man, I need to get one for myself.

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