Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ms. SG's experience

Miss Singapore relating her experience:
Turkish Air TK 1476 Hijack

I must have been really backdated; seeing the date that this was blogged was weeks ago. But it was such an interesting read so I decide to put the link here.

Please dun ask me what beauty pageant that she was part of, cos' I really have no idea. Pardon my ignorance.

Excerpts from her blog:

"..I, on the other hand, am surprised that NONE of the local press asked me for a 1st hand account or a timeline of the whole incident!
They asked how we felt, what thoughts went through our mind but no one was really interested in the actual happenings.

So here i am, gonna blog it out.

Coz like i've always said, I AM MY OWN PAPARAZZI and over here, the words come out just the way i would have liked them to be written."


"...The lights came back on and the guy who claimed to have a health problem told us that we've been hijacked!
Cause the passengers were conversing in Albanian on their phones. Their worried families and relatives had called them after watching the news of the hijack on CNN!!

THE WHOLE WORLD except all of us on board knew we were hijacked!

I called my mom again and she also found out from my sister in the states that we've been jacked!"

Edit: I found out it's Miss Globe International 2006. So there.


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