Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ya Salaam no more...

Ya Salaam no more...


Was surprised when my dad told me that the place is now empty, with everything, including the outdoor seating shelter being reinstated back to the initial layout.

Apparently I think they've come to the end of their tender and another bigger and more established company made a higher bid for this space.

Things are never going to be the same again.

Those residing in the east will know how nostalgic this place had been. Right when this place used to be called Malik, then Riduan and finally, Ya Salaam, there had been this sense of familiarity when being there. Maybe it's the presence of stalls like Jessie (chinese noodles) & Musa (Ikan Bakar, roti john, pisang goreng...) that have been there since the early days which contribute to such nostagic feelings.

This fasting month, I had looked forward to the makeshift stalls set up outside the coffee shop, selling all varieties of goodies meant for the breaking of fast and yet.....

I heard thru' the rumour mill that former tenants may not be able to take up space inside the new establishment. If that is true, I wonder where they'll move to. Some of the stuff there, you just can't get it anywhere else.



shireen said...

At least you knew that he was coming.I only got to know about it the next day after his last show *sighs*

Nehmind we can always catch him on DVD..heh


eh gosh I so malu I habent link u up! SORI hor! :D

CT said...

alah, kalau u rajin, kat You Tube, video dia berlambak... That's how I gotta' know bout' him. But my fwen told me, he will end up recycling some jokes. But he's definitely funny, nonetheless.

bout the link, aiyah.. no issue, lah! ;)