Saturday, October 14, 2006

poly mates iftar

poly mates iftar

finally met up again after like.... MANY months. Just sick and tired of counting the duration between which we met up. Everyone is just so busy, what with the irregular working hours of some and the crazy school projects of another.

It's weird when for 3 years you see one another almost everyday, from 8am to 10pm and been almost everywhere together and now we have to make do with one another's absence. And it's been 4 years!

The initial 9 pax who were meant to be there eventually dwindled down to 5. Like I said... beezee people. But I guess that makes it more intimate. Bigger crowds are fun, yeah. Considering how crazy we get with each other. But I guess we mellowed somehow and the lesser there is, the more comfortable things get. Esp. when you're so used to some of the others' presence.

And the ideas we have for early next year, I really appreciate it. I guess it will be the break that we really need. In the past, Kai would have said, "Is that a plan...?"

And I'll reply, "Lat's make it work!" Pleaseeee.....?

Al-Hamra @ Holland Village.

Just some of the spread we had.

(L) The consistency of this Turkish coffee is sooo thick that it reminds us of choc fudge.
(R) Desserts & (more) coffee and Starbucks HV, our old haunt back then.

(L) Bas & his babe, Inder.

(R) Kai & Khamz.

Must have been ages since I last went to Holland V. Say... 2 years??! That place changed a lot, man! The food centre has been totally revamped. And there's a new carpark? As in a building meant to park cars in, hokay.

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