Thursday, October 05, 2006

pancit, liao

tayar pancit, liao

First time man! Luckily it's not a burst tyre instead. Tubeless tyres tend to have a higher chance of that happening.

I thought last night had been sh**ty but to think of it, there are many things that I ought to be grateful for:

- my bro is around (the past few nights, he had either been sleeping or busy)
- he's the driver (he noticed the funny sound coming from the back and how the car seem 'draggy'. I may not have noticed if it was me driving!)
- we barely made it out of the carpark (so we manage to avoid the embarassing change-tyre-by-roadside spectacle)
- it's at night (less people around, cooler temperature and my neighbour is home)
- yes, my neighbour Hafiz (he handled the situation and did most of the work)
- my bro's best fren (who despite not being there gave a good tip: use 'body weight' to unscrew the bolts)

My bro had experience changing tyres - of 3 TONNERS (ARMY trucks). So that 14inch baby had him scratching his head, hence the call for help to our reliable neighbour. Luckily my dad & I pumped the spare tyre we had in the boot. And I know where the tools & jack are kept (my bro didn't even know we have a spare tyre!).

We were sooo.... lost. When told of the flat tyre, my first thought was, "What's the number for AAA? Can insurance help?"

I thought I can learn a thing or 2 about tyre-changing but NO - my bro had me rush over to the shop to buy them drinks instead. hmmpf!

So until my bro is free to head to the workshop to have that tyre replaced, we just have to bear with the eyesore, that is this odd rear tyre with the black hubcap amongst the other 3 with the alloy sports rims. Like pirate, liddat.

You know what's worse than having to change the tyre? The fact that my mum had to walk to work instead, while trying to be on time beacause the time she had is for when she's DRIVEN to work, NOT walk. And no, no cabs in sight.

And she was grumbling non-stop, about us being too complacent and taking things for granted. Not making regular checks to see if all is in working order... etc. And as she stormed off into the night, I was secretly hoping that the anger she's venting will make her walk faster so she can reach work on time (you know, like some kind of 'turbo' power??).

And she was saying that some bad kid had punctured our tyre on purpose just because we know the identity of the fella who's been stealing shoes & clothes at our block (NO, I dun think THAT'S what happened). And just when we didn't want to disturb our sleeping dad, my mum actually called him in anger to complain. Poor dad.

BTW, the source of the puncture is still a mystery. Hope the tyre can be reused. Need money for Hari Raya, liao.

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