Tuesday, October 31, 2006


k-pop mania

No thanks to all those Korean dramas that I've been watching, I recently dumped out 1/2 of my English songs collection in my mp3 player.

To make way for my new stash of k-pop songs. Yes honey, I'm talking about KOREAN songs.

I am now snubbing English songs for the Korean drama OSTs that are currently being played on loop on my player. There are soundtracks from Goong, My Girl, My Lovely Samsoon, Winter Sonata, Full House, Summer Scent etc.

Even the Indonesian pop songs (which I only recently rave about) have taken a back seat.

My message alert tone is the 1st 6secs of the song, "She Is" from the My Lovely Samsoon OST. My ringtone is a track from My Girl OST. My voice mail music is from Goong.

And I'm listening to ShinHwa, Se7en & Rain. Somebody save me!

But knowing myself, I know this phase will pass pretty soon. I get tired of things easily, you see. A tad TOO easily. Even the guys I like change from time to time.

On a totally different note, did anyone listen to Clay Aiken's rendition of 'Withou You'? I simply don't like it. One thing though, I sure hope that his ardent fans aren't a homophobic bunch. Go figure.

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