Saturday, October 21, 2006

Goong crayzee

Goong crayzee....

Many thanks ah, to this show- for bringing out the shallowness in me. ULTIMATE shallowness; as I ogle at Princes and adore the Princess and despise the love rival. I yearn for the lovely dresses and choose between the fabulous hairstyles. And take delight in those horse-ridings and sleek limousines.

Sigh..... Yes, my head are high up amidst the fluffy clouds. Fluffy ROYAL clouds.

And until my dear cousin pass me the DVD, I shall appease myself with the numerous (edited) videos from you tube, for which I kept late nights just to watch over and over.

Somebody help me..!

I think by now, I may already have an idea as to how the story goes BUT all is still not well till I get the friggin' DVD. For which I may end up sleeping at least at 4am EVERYDAY just to finish watching the show pronto. Well, that's what I did with the Samsoon DVD.

I am getting to be as tacky as these pics, or am I not? Rite..? Rite..??

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