Monday, September 11, 2006

weekend hangover

weekend hangover

I'm just soo tempted to excuse myself from work today and just stay idle at home. And yes, by 'idle' I mean to SLEEP. That adventure in the rain yesterday is already taking a toll on me.

Thing is, of all days, I have a deadline TODAY, a frigging MONDAY. After a whole week of inactivity in the office (besides surfing the net), my boss actually gave me a job at 5++PM that FRIDAY. Less that an hour away packing up and leave. And it's the very anal kind of job that requires more attention than the usual stuff.

Darn those fat-assed authority figures up there who had others abide by their way of doing things that had us work our ass off while making thing a hell lot convenient (if not easy) for them ~ do things OUR way or you can forget about having these approved.

And the job wasn't even done by us. Sheesh!

Besides, my collegue's on MC so I guess it's a pretty wise decision to come, after all.

.... Excuse me, time to get some 40 winks. Watched that Korean drama dvd till' 3am this morning. And that's in spite of the reaalllly tiring day yesterday. I must have forgotten I gotta' work this morning when I decide to finish watching 2 dvds.

. . . blame them!

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