Thursday, September 14, 2006

blakang padang.. again

blakang padang... again

Ramadhan is around the corner. My parents have some errands to run and items to pass. Brought my cousin Sue along. And my gramma joined in at the last min. Lugged along things that are usually unavailable or difficult to obtain there, like french loaves (20 of them), dates (10 boxes) and kuih baulu (ours are supposedly softer).

Some adventure we had. Luckily my mum convinced my dad to take the 10am ferry to Batam (he had wanted the 1030am one with another service). Any later and we could have had a crayyyzee boat ride in the storm. Can just ROLL along with the choppy waves.

pics link h.e.r.e

By the time we got on the trishaw to our first stop - a house on the hill, it started drizzling. The drizzle later 'upgraded' itself to a full-blown torrential rain by the time we reached the foot of the hill. My mum, in the other trishaw, stayed put (like a new bride, like that) and I followed suit. The trishaw-man borrowed 2 umbrellas from someone living nearby (that's what I like bout the people here, so willing to help) and we hiked up the steep hill path with the rainwater gushing down the path like some waterfall. Did I mention that I shared an umbrella with my cousin? Nice.

So much for dressing up and creating another chance for me to create a good impression for this fella whose house I'm headed to (omg, I can't believe I just typed that- but heck it!). Sungguh tak tau malu, kan?! Reached the house with my clothes soaked thru, my sandals squishing with every step and my hair limp & dripping. Dun even mention the face. Euugh!

And the best part, I sat in front of him without realising it was actually him (he's reading the newspaper, you see)! Hahaha! What a joke. ME, THAT IS.

As quickly as it comes, the rain died down in like, 1/2hr. Just like that and the sun comes out and all is bright and sunny again. $%#&@! *i dun curse the weather. it's the bad timimg I despise*

pics link h.e.r.e

A trip to Belakang Padang is never without gorging down a hefty, superlicious spread at every house we visited. Well, except their tea. I guess the sugar there is pretty cheap, no? I can get diabetes staying there.

As always, they packed lotsa' food for us. I think my mum need not cook for the next few days.


minerva said...

Wow, so fun! ;)
Glad U had a nice time, over at Batam.

Stay cool, take care & Bestest wishes always to all at home too, dear Bayya.
Hugz, minerva*
p.s. Btw, i've actually moved to a new bloghost ~ am just informing dearer chums, yea:)

CT said...

take care and send my regards to ur family, too.

Thanks for informing me with regards to ur new addie. I guess I'm one of ur 'dearer chums'? So flattered... *blinks twice*