Saturday, September 02, 2006

murphy's law

murphy's law? you bet!

I was very, very close to banging my head on the dashboard. Voluntarily.
Bless my brother for his presence.

I may have been through it before but this time, it had felt like a train coming right at me with the headlights blinding my eyes. That was some shite right there.

First, I was so hooked on this Korean drama that I forgot the time. Then I got into the wrong lane and and my mum end up being late for work.

Fuel running low. Agreed to fetch my bro and have him accompany me to the petrol station. Asked him to top-up my ez-link. Then head to the nearby ESSO.

Here's where the fun starts.

Used my first card. Paying by NETS. Keyed in pin. Moments later, "Sorry m'am. Card declined. Please key in your pin again." Did just that.


Oh well- 2nd card, different bank. NETS.


3rd card, same bank as the 1st.


3rd card, using Master.

Freakin' DECLINED!

Desperate, I tried waving at my bro who's in the car. No response. The cashier called OVER THE MIKE for someone to alert my brother.

Oh, did I mention that the station was really busy? And there were like SIX other customers who made their payments when ALL my cards were declined? And I stood there like some fool, cursing.

Eventually made cash payment. Got my bro to add on to my shortage. Like I said, BLESS HIS PRESENCE.

Did I also say that my phone batt died out? Used my bro's phone to dial one of the banks to enquire bout the cards. MY bro's stoopid phone had faulty buttons and I tot' I got my bank account screwed-up too. Got thru' to the operator (finally!!). Was told that my funds were running low. *slaps forehead*

I had asked my bro to top-up the ez-link!!!! My pay has yet to be banked-in and I just transferred my remaining funds to my other bank (monthly routine).

Talk bout' the other bank. I decide to withdraw some cash using the card which was previously declined. Just to see if the card's screwed. Turns out, the card's not screwed. My memory is the one that's screwed. I forgot my freaking pin! And they bloody friggin RETAINED MY CARD! As in- SWALLOWED by the damn machine. Now I'm screwed. My moolah's all in that bank and my card's gone. And my VISA from that bank is the mini card. I can't use it on the ATM. aaargh!!!!!! I have to wake up early and queue at the friggin bank tomorrow!

Wait, there's more.

I went to the other bank's ATM to check my balance and withdraw some cash. DENIED. What the...? I swear I got sufficient balance! Tried the other card. Still DENIED.

Boy am I pissed. By now, I'm sure my cards were screwed-up. Went back to the car and informed my bro. "Did you try the other ATM?" *duh!* Was sooo muddled that I never thought of that. He took my card and head for the other ATM- grumbling, "Tangan kau niari kenapa, ah? Tak cebok betul, eh?" (What's wrong with your hands today? Never wash properly, isit?)
I seriously don't know that my hands have got anything to do with all that happened.

Turns out, both ATMs had insuffcient cash. Great.

Made way to another ATM further down. Finally got some cash. Phew!

It doesn't end there. Even my favourite channel bubbled on me. The schedule showed that my favourite anime will be shown on 1am but I guess they screwed up. They played another anime instead.


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