Thursday, January 19, 2006

3 girls

3 girls nite out (merayap!)
tue ~ 17012006

Yang satu dah kempunan nak makan ketam. Yang lagi satu, nak shisha. And today my bro dun work (so he'll be sending my mum) so kita 3 boleh 'hooray-hooray'!

Of course, we almost forgot it's only Tuesday and that we've gotta few days of work ahead but who cares!

D finally got to give Tini her b'day present.

Did I tell you that Tuesday is such a fantabulous day to eat at a seafood restaurant? 1stly, there's nary a crowd, so ample space is available. Most importantly, the seafood is FRESH!

Had a feast at Chai Chee Seafood Restaurant. Kailan Mushroom, Fish fillet '3 Rasa', Seafood soup & the all important Chilli Crab. YUM!

Tini was amazed at the presentation of the food that was served to us. The previous time she came, the food presentation was 'nowhere there'. So I said that maybe it's because she came on a weekend and they're too busy to garnish.

"But I came on a weekday! Similar like today." Okaaayyyy.... So I asked, who she came with? She said, with her fiance and family.

Ah... I see. So I tell her, "So you came as a family previously. Look at us. 3 girls. ALONE. And the chef should be a male, rite? Isn't it pretty obvious why he puts in more effort with the presentation?" Ok, ok.... That's a pretty SHALLOW opinion but it's possibly true, rite?

The meal proved too much for us. Should have ordered 2 plates of rice instead of 3. The total amount of leftover rice on our plates can easily combine to make another plate! Made a mistake by ordering medium-sized portions for the fish & soup. Our struggle to finish the crabs ended with a small debate as to who will have to finish the last piece of that crustacean. But it's a great meal, nontheless!

Next stop, to our choice chill-out lounge, El-Sheikh. Samar would have had a nicer atmospehere but their shisha is - well.... ANYWAY, I sure am glad we chose El-Sheikh.

Cos' the place is darn empty when we reached it. We eventually had the lounging space on the upper-floor to ourselves. We can almost hang a sign that say: 'Cam Whores At Work'. All that hilarity and crazy antics, much to the chagrin of the lone waitress there. Should see her face. As black as her uniform.

Oh yah, 1/2 of the time, I forgot that D was carrying a video cam and when we reviewed back what she had recorded.... HEE-LARIOUS! So hilarious that it can almost be used to blackmail each of us.

Remember the Samsung phone ad? Where the fella used the video recordings on his phone to his own advantage and rose up the ranks in a flash? Yeah, something like that. Heh.

And many thanks to my bro who fetched us - this despite having just been there hours before for dinner.

He was in such a hurry to join us that he unwittingly drove against the traffic in that One-Way Pahang Str. Luckily there's no incoming traffic. When I told him of what he just did, he gotta' cheek to tell me, "No wonder the ppl at the coffee shop stared at me." Cheh!

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