Monday, January 16, 2006

car taboo

car taboo..???

Do you believe in taboos? Or better still, taboos involving cars-namely, 'Car Taboos'. Seriously. There's this one that goes, "Never Let The Car Know That You Wanna Sell It Off". Sounds crazy, huh? Especially since a car doesn't have any ear or even any 'hearing' mechanism to LISTEN to what we say.

I ALMOST talked about trading our current family car for another newer, upgraded model when my bro shushed me, "Don't say it now! Not while IN the car!" Huh? So sensitive one, ah? Days later, I was singing along while driving and didn't hear my dad exclaiming that he wanna sell off this car and get a newer and much bigger model since it's pretty affordable now that the COE prices are pretty low.

Ooops. TOO LATE. It's been said. And I guess the car heard it. Cos' less than a week later, budak tu dah start meragam (acted up). Radio buat problem dah satu hal. My mum complicate matters by washing my bro's pants WITHOUT checking the pockets (as always) and actually washed the CAR KEY in the washing machine. The key isn't the issue, actually. It's the alarm REMOTE that comes attached to it. All soaked. And DEAD. Geez, now I have to travel all the way to Leng Kee or Pandan Garden for a bloody replacement (not mentioning forking out the $$).

Last Friday, when my bro fetched me, I heard some weird whirring sound that comes from some mechanism within the confines of the car. It's very loud AND scary-sounding. A definite sign that something is faulty. But WHAT?

Told my dad about it the next day and he asked his bro, what he thought could be the problem. A quick check showed that the automatic locking mechanism for the back door is down. Meaning that the hind door had remained UNLOCKED for the past TWO days without us realising it. Sheesh! What's the problem, u ask? Well, my car's a HATCHBACK, meaning anyone can access the WHOLE car thru' that back door (if small enuff').

That discovery sent my parents on a flurry- searching for a mechanic on that late Saturday afternoon. Of course most of the shops are closing and ALL of them had no spare-parts. My mum was so worried about the unlocked door, that she packed all the coupons and cards to be brought home, only to realise that the door CAN be locked - albeit manually. Guess we shall have to lock and unlock it that way, till' next week when we finally got a slot in the distributor's main workshop. Geez!

Anyway, to atone for his mistake (to the car), my dad willingly offered to MANUALLY wash it- since the rainy weather has stopped and he's pretty free. So who to help him but yours truly? Never had I felt so drained after cleaning the car which had remained unwashed for what...? A WHOLE 2 months? Especially after all that rain... The grime... Ugh!

We had wanted to polish the car (manually) but was so shagged especially since I had put in a considerable amount of energy polishing the interior (including the bloody leather seats). And do you know how tiring polishing a car can be? We tried it once and it was hell! No wonder ppl can make big bucks charging a hefty amount for polishing service. And they got 4 ppl to polish one car! Polishing a car is a good protective measure for the car, though. Especially from this rain. Gotta get to it pretty soon.

Well after all, we gotta pamper that baby- especially since we hurt its fellings with all that NASTY words we said. Rite... rite?? Sell you off, baby? NO WAY! *cross fingers* :P

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