Friday, January 06, 2006

new year..?

Gee.. It's 2006..? Already??

Been a long time ain't it? Since my last entry, I mean. My mum's b'dae felt like AGES ago. Heck, I even missed the new year wish-a-thon.

I didn't even partake in any New Year festivities. In fact, I even avoid driving down the ECP on my way to the west just so I can avoid any crowd/jam. See that? Instead of making myself part of the crowd, I AVOID it. Besides the weather had been rainy and cool, just nice for cozying it up at home with a good DVD to watch and a great book to finish reading.

So it comes as no surprise that I hardly felt 2006 whizzing by. Aside from changing the calendars and the fact that my home broadband screwed-up, nothing much has changed.

Resolutions?? WHAT resolutions..?
30122005 ~ Girls nite' out
A gathering amongst my (female) paternal cousins. Dinner and chill @ Arab Street, followed by a late-night movie @ PS and beach-hopping from East Coast to Changi. And the incredulously looooong drive down Changi Coastal Road. Then down to Marina, Tanjong Pagar, Keppel, Bukit Merah, Alexandra etc..... Luckily they paid for the petrol later.

Reached home at 0530hrs the next morning. Tired liao. Now I know how a taxi driver feels....

01012006 ~ Fatimah's B'dae Dinner

She's a New Year Baby. Of that decade, even. 01/01/1990. Lucky her. Birthday falls on a public holiday. EVERY year.

She wasn't home that day cos' she gotta help out at the wedding of her ustazah's bro. As always, whenever she was in the Bedok area, she'll drop by my place. WISE CHOISE. I had planned to go to Swensen's and get her that birthday ice-cream thingy. However at Parkway Parade (which is a crowd-fest), it was already evening and raining and there's a loooong queue outside Swensen's. I was like, "What now??" And that cousin of mine was all smiles when she said, "Siam Kitchen, lah."

This girl, I tell you, she sure can't do without her rice. Plain white rice, ok. She'll eat anything as long as there's rice with either chicken, egg, prawns and SOY SAUCE.

So there we have a meal of spicy PRAWNS, pandan-leaf CHICKEN, Tom Yam Goong (PRAWN) plus some others with plain white rice. No, not the famous pineapple rice or Thai fried rice. White rice will do. Sigh... Nothing beats making a birthday girl happy, rite..?

Do well for your 'O's this year and I may just bring you to JB for more fun (and food), aite? Like you've always bugged me.

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