Thursday, January 12, 2006

hari raya haji06

HRH 2006

Nasib bayek bukan HRC.... Lain nanti bunyi. Heh.

Maybe I'm jakun but I've always taken for granted that Hari Raya Haji is celebrated somewhat like the first day of Hari Raya Puasa. I DO know that the religious significance of AidilAdha is much greater, though.

The looks I got from ppl of other races, when I went to my neighbourhood market area to withdraw cash was what that got me thinking, "Why is it that they thought of Hari Raya Haji as another holiday-NOT to be celebrated? I mean, it IS Hari Raya, rite? Why look surprised when I'm dressed to the nines..?"

And then I saw a Malay family stepping out of MacDonald's, dressed like how one would dress when heading for the market. I looked into the fast-food joint and saw more families having breakfast there, dressed nothing like they're going out for Hari Raya visiting. And I saw more Malay women pushing market trolleys, their husbands beside them, the newspapers neatly tucked under their arms. It looked like just any Sundays/public holidays.

The presence of some missing relatives were definitely felt. Some are away in Mecca for the pilgrimage. Some were busy helping out with the sacrifice of sheep/goat at the mosques, some were working and some... still SLEEPING during that cool, rainy weather. Even my bro was fretting. He thought that this Hari Raya, we're just gonna stay home and watch TV. He'd rather go and work instead of visiting the elders. Aiyoh!

Luckily my at my grandparent's and uncle's (maternal side), they prepared sumptous dishes like it's any other Hari Raya. There's Soto, Lodeh, Sambal Goreng, Ayam Goreng Rempah and Bone Steak! Heck, even my mum prepared Satay Goreng and Sambal Goreng Babat (YUM!) to give to neighbours and relatives. Nothing beats great food to enlighten the Raya mood.

My paternal side actually slacked around at home but I went there anyway cos' my aunt made my bro's favourite-Lepat. And there're LOADS of daging Qorban to be distributed.

Nowdays, they (ppl at the mosques) very innovative, ok. Those bits and pieces of meat, instead of wasting them, they mince it. Can make roti john or shabsuka or carrot cake or murtabak or meat pie.... Heh.

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