Monday, January 23, 2006

shoe stealers

this is for all the shoe-stealers out there...

.... may you get blistered feet and have a chronic state of foot-rot that makes you can't help peeling the dead skin off in disgusting flakes as they make your feet stink like hell with everytime you wear them STOLEN shoes - especially MINE! And should you sell them STOLEN shoes for dough, may whatever you buy with that stinking dough disintegrate and disappear, making you feel that horrible feeling of hopelessness and loss, like how others felt when they discovered their footwear's disappearance.

It's easy for you, huh? Snitching something that people have painstakingly chose & bought? And it's people like you, who have made victims like me uptight, paranoid even. You did not even make me feel at ease in my OWN home. I wish I can continue to trust my surroundings but this is getting to be too much. We can't even leave a tiny space for complacence cos' that'll be when you take advantage of us. Rite??!

First, it's my bro's scruffy Adidas that have seen better days. Then his Nike AirForce that I painstakingly chose & bought in J.B. He only forgot to bring it in after coming home from work tha one day and you saw that as another opportunity, didn't you?

What about my Adidas running shoes? With which you have the cheek to REPLACE with your own stinking pair of sneakers in the slot inside the shoe rack. Heck, your shoes are so much bigger than mine! How the heck do you fit into my sneakers, anyway?! Do you know that I have yet to purchase another pair, meaning I have yet to go for a jog cos' I have no other pair of bloody running shoes?? And I had simply forgotten to bring them in. Is this the price I had to pay for FORGETTING??? Just a slip of the mind? A**hole!!

And yesterday, I got this strange gut feeling when I was taking off my formal shoes after coming back. I snooped around and I knew that my black Havaianas slippers have disappeared. They were just a pair of freaking slippers, for goodness sake! And my favourite! A birthday present even! And you took that too?! Aaaaargh!!!!!!!

And you know what? I was >>this<< close to wearing it to Bangkok this Friday. >>this<< close, ok?? You &*%$#!!!

TRIVIA: Do u know that my family used to lock the shoe cabinets and we have use a key to unlock the padlocks? But it was so much hassle so we do away with that. And THIS happened. Friggin' idiots!

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