Tuesday, June 24, 2008


e-Hubbing w/ Dinah & Lil' Aqil

Something that we planned since we heard of Kung Fu Panda. Just the right show to watch with the little boy.

My gosh, despite parents bringing their kids to the show for their entertainment, it seemed like the adults are the ones who laughed the most (us included)!

Those kinda' laugh-a-minute kinda animation.

Post movie, I brought everyone to BBQ Chicken Restaurant, a fried chicken chain from Korea.

I've been wanting to come here since my accidental stumble upon it after I got lost, wanting to look for the carpark entrance.

I've just taken a look at the menu but never really checked the interior (despite the glass frontage *duh!*). And boy, was I impressed when I stepped in!

The restaurant is divided into 3 parts.
Green area for regular dining, White area where the booth seats are.

Pink area for sofa seating, which I find to be really suitable for kids cos the seats are low.

The hot pink goes really well with the black background, eh?

The food..?

I love the chicken! Juicy and well marinated. The skin ain't so thick (unlike KFC).

Choices aside from chicken ain't much though. Just a beef patty dish and the typical fish & chips.

This is the Charboiled Chicken Sandwich that I ordered.

Yes, I know! Big, rite...?

But veryyy nice!

I mistook the 2-pc chicken set for a set of drumlets and we end up with an extra portion of fries and coleslaw.

Oh the fries are the fat-fat type (ala Swensens) and the coleslaw taste fresh!

I'm so glad we finally get to meet up. Looking forward to the next one! ; )

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