Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby Birds 2

Baby Birds at the Office (Part Deux)

You See that..?

I came into the office to see only one fledgling left in the nest.

I frantically searched for the other one and found it on the cold floor, outside the timber decking.

Soon after my colleague came and he helped to put the little one back.

By calling it, 'little one' I mean every word of it. Maybe because it kept being oppressed by it's (much) bigger sibling, its growth seemed stunted.

I went in awhile and when I looked out I saw it looking distressed, hanging on the edge by its 2 puny claws.

I rushed to fold a kitchen towel and cut some tape. I came back out to see it hanging on with only a claw.

I carefully placed the towel beneath it and tape it.

And darn!

Due to the uneven surface of that ruddy nest, I can't see the tape clinging much so I rushed back in and cut more tape.

And so, the nest looked like that.

Something tells me that the big one ain't too pleased with my effort, though.

My colleagued had mentioned, "That's the way it is in the animal world. Only the fittest survive."

Oh well, then. I'll make sure this little one become the fittest!

Did you watch Happy Feet??!


I saw for myself! The big one PUSHING the little one off. AGAIN!

And the lil' one frenetically flapped it's wings just so it won't land on the floor again and manage to get on the roots of the plant right below the nest. Now it's just perching there.

I give up. There's no way I'm gonna let it back on the nest and risk it being pushed off again...


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