Monday, June 16, 2008

father's day..

father's day..?


Things just don't go as planned, doesn't it..?

Geez! My grandma had gone to Indonesia so my grandpa was all alone yesterday. Apparently, I fetched him to go to a wedding reception yesterday.

Then there's a another reception that we got invited to, so we brought him along.

So we end up being really full eventually. Doesn't help that grandpa had a really small appetite. Therefore treating him to lunch is definitely out of question.

Then my mum had wanted to visit her cousin at the hospital and my grandaunt wanted to come along. My mum had thought that her daughter would be coming along so we decide to send my grandpa back home (no more room in the car!).

He had insisted we come up and collect the fried rice that he had cooked cos' there's no one else and he cooked too much. It's only right that I went along. No use disappointing him.

Gave him some cash before I left. Whispered to him, "Selamat Hari Bapa, Tok (Happy Father's Day, Gramps) " followed by a peck on each cheek. I tot' it would have been awkward initially but I felt good doing it. He was pleased and I'm proud of myself, somehow.

Being chummy once in a while can be pretty delightful, no?

I still wished that I got to bring him out after the wedding receptions yesterday... Just like how I brought my grandma out during Mother's Day. It would have only been fair :(

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