Wednesday, June 25, 2008

baby birds

baby birds at my office

The same species - Yellow-Bellied Sunbirds, set up their nest on my office garden terrace yet again. The same thing happened around the same time last year, too.

Check out last years batch at my colleague's page.

This year, they built the nest on the same plant near the same place and used the same kind of junk. By saying 'junk', I mean it - literally. Icky stuff like hair, thread, scraps of paper & plastic bits yadaa yadaa..

Whatever happened to twigs..?

Even birds go thru' modernisation....

The nest was so close to the door that we have to be careful to not slam into it. And we have to be more cautious during the roosting period, where the timid mum will fly out of the nest whenever we come out to use the sink. Last thing we need is for the long, pointed beak to poke our eyes!

The other day, one of the fledglings fell out of it's nest. This year, I guess the nest's built ain't as strong or that the babies are bigger. The opening to the nest got pretty big, as it strained under their weight. The one on top kinda' slipped off the other one and plop-ed onto a puddle.
My colleague brought it to a drier spot. I then brought it up, closer to the nest at where the sun is, to dry it so it won't shiver so much.

My other colleague eventually put it back into the nest.

The following pics were taken in sequence and zoomed in with every shot.

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