Monday, June 30, 2008

careful wish

be careful what you wish for

Sometimes, things that you wished for even in passing might just be granted.

It can be something totally insignificant, unimportant.

I've been through this many times over and yet, it's hardly a lesson learnt.

For example, since the start of Euro 2008, I've been lamenting about how I wouldn't wanna come to work after watching the finals, cos' the match is on Monday morning.

And yet, I forgot to take leave before my bosses went overseas, so I guess not.

True enough, I managed to watch the match and stayed at home today. And tomorrow.

I'm on MC, that's why.

Because yesterday, I had the runs. More like food poisoning. Geez!

I starved myself till' the evening because I fear going to the loo with everytime I consume something, even water.

I managed to have a hearty dinner, only to do a merlion right before entering the clinic. Such a waste!

By then the doc had diagnosed me with gastric flu. And I thought it was mere food poisoning...

And man! Don't those clinics that opened till late charge a lot..?! I heard the patients before me all being charged more than $60. And they were kids!

I anticipated mine to me at least $80 but it came to only $55. But that's still a far cry from the $20++ that my family doctor charged.

If not for the fact that my family clinic doesn't open till late on Sundays, I wouldn't have bothered...!

But most importantly, I got to wake up in time to watch the whole match! Woo!

And relish in watching Spain's sweet victory.

FINALLY! The broke their Underachiever's curse! After 44 years!

And since I was the only one who watched the match, I did my rendition of a victorious Red-Indian dance around the living room as Casillas lifted the cup.

So it's not a wasted effort for me to walk around Parkway Parade wearing my Arsenal jersey, to show my support for Cesc Fabregas (he was in the starting 11!). Ok, some of you may say that I might be supporting Jens Lehmann. Oh puhleez, those who know me, will know just how much I dislike that keeper.

And I'm so having the hots for Sergio Ramos. Eversince I watch that Nike ad and he went bare bodied for quite a while before accepting his medal...

And guess, Aragones can finally retire in peace, huh? He had looked sooo old! I remembered telling my mum, "This manager, he looked like he can collapse from a heart attack anytime!"

And I remembered when the team joyously lifted him up into the air, the commentator said, "Oh, put him down! He's 69 years-old!" Haha!

Mark Richmond even said, "Aragones must have been the oldest manager to win this cup."

And since the meds made me drowsy, I had to sleep it off, only to find that my mum had left me alone at home - AGAIN.

So I got myself a new hobby to pass the time. SUDOKU! I can't believe I would end up liking it. I dislike brain teasers because I deem them to be 'a waste of my brain juices'. But the challenge is addictive!

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